Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Interview with Singer Lauren Evans

Q:   You have an amazing voice. How long have you been singing?
A:  Thank you so much! Honestly, I have been singing ever since I could make noise. Ha! I come from a family musicians and singers, so singing was always second nature to me. I was 10 years old when I recorded my first song in a family friend's living room. I didn't realize I was gifted for music until I had been working in the music industry for about four years.

Q:  Who are some of your music idols? Who inspires you to push hard in all that you do for your career?
A:  Growing up I was always inspired by icons like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder & Celine Dion. I knew I wanted to be counted as one of them and that it would require hard work and focus. I remember spending my play time with cousin practicing dance routines, writing songs, rehearsing them and putting on performances in my grandmother's den. We thought we were The Jacksons or something! Lol!

Q:  You have sung some amazing classics. Do you have plans to record some of your own music sometime soon?
A:  Yes, I'm in the final stages of recording my debut album. I'm planning to release it early 2013. I'm soooooo excited! It's been a long time coming. I've been incog-negro working behind the scenes for years and I can't wait to be heard on my own terms! In the meantime, I have just released my first mix tape, entitled Uncovered, which, ironically, is a collection of cover songs that I feel represent who I am and where I'm going as an artist. You can download it for free on my website:!

Q:  What was your big break in the music biz?
A:  It's funny, my break came at age of 14 with The Prince of Egypt Soundtrack. My stage name back then was Christian. I got to go to early screenings before all the animation was finished, got to walk the red carpet at the premier right behind Steven Spielberg (one of my favorite directors) and later was nominated for a Stellar Award for my performance. It was a crazy ride to say the least especially for a High School Freshman.

Q:  What has been the highlight of your career so far? Best compliment you have received?
A:  The highlight of my career thus far has been the response I received for "One Step At A Time", a song I co-wrote for Jordin Sparks. I got a particular email from a woman who ran a drug rehabilitation facility in Tennessee. She said that "OSAAT" was helping her patients to recover from addiction. That meant so much to me. I aim to make music that encourages people.

Q:  What would you like to see happen in your career in the next ten years?
A:  I definitely want to have more success as a hit-maker, not only as an artist, but I'd love to have several more hits on other amazing artists (ie. Beyonce, Rihanna, Adele,  Katy Perry, Chris Brown & Justin Beiber). I also want to branch out into film and television- acting, writing and production and to have at least one New York Bestseller... A few Grammys wouldn't be too shabby, either. ;-) My goal is to become a household name and use my influence to help eradicate the trafficking of children and to
inspire others to live their best life.

Q:  Who would you love to perform with?
A:   My favorites at the moment are Bruno Mars, Usher & Imogen Heap. I would love to perform and/or collaborate with any them… Well, ALL of them! Lol! Oh yeah, I also think Luke James and I would kill a duet!

Q:  You have gorgeous natural hair. Has it been hard staying true to yourself in biz that is obsessed with an certain standard of beauty (long straight hair, bone thin,etc)?
A:  Why thank you. Honestly, as far as my natural hair goes, it has become the feature that has set me a part and made me unique in a sea of relaxers, weaves and lace fronts. I rather enjoy going against the grain and sometimes do so intentionally just to differentiate myself from the crowd. Btw, your blog is awesome! I get lots of amazing tips and ideas for keeping my hair healthy and my style fresh! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! :D

Q:  As an entertainer, you’re having natural hair is helping out little ones to see that they can be beautiful with the hair they have. Is that something that you are striving for?
A:  Wearing my hair natural was a personal choice. It started as an experiment. At 21 I was curious to know what my natural hair looked like, as I'd worn relaxers from the age of 7. Once my tendrils began to grow out, I fell in love! Haven't looked back since. I figure God gave me this hair on purpose so I should own it! If being naturally me inspires young girls, then that is an added benefit and makes me happy!! :-)

Q:  How can we learn more about you?
A:  Oh golly, lol- lots of ways... You can check out my website:, connect on, twitter: @TheRealLEvans, instagram: @TheRealLEvans and/or subscribe to

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Kortney D. Bond's Story

Since I was a little girl I always wanted Locs, but my mother would always tell me no. I always looked at women with Locs and envisioned them on myself, and I promised myself that when I got older I would go natural and begin the Loc process. That moment was two and a half years ago, I found a natural hair styling in Indianapolis, Indiana named Nakia who was highly recommended. I called her and scheduled a consultation and told her how I wanted my hair and how I wanted to begin the process. She immediately told me that she wanted me to wait learn about the culture and cultivating process as well as make sure I was ready to make a long term decision. 

I wore my hair naturally styled for about two years, and I loved it. My favorite hair style was the two strand twist or a up-do with the two strand twist pouring out. After a while I grew tired and frustrated, and remembered my goal and that was to go natural and start the Loc process, so in September of 2011 I started Locs. This journey has been long but fulfilling, because Locs are something I've always wanted and I finally have them. Many people told me it would interfere with my career or goals, because natural hair is not professional  My response has always been, "Black people are the only people who have fear of being too much of what they already are." We have to love ourselves, and love what we represent as a people. You can allow western thoughts to shape the way you see yourself or you can be brave enough to be YOU! 

People will always talk, as they still do, and make comments such as, "Why would you do that to a head full of beautiful hair?" I ignore it because I am in love with me, and everything my Locs represent, which is the fierceness of a warrior, because that is what you have to be in today's society. I have had locs for one year and two months now and I am still as amazed with them as I was before. Women need to understand that they give BEAUTIFUL it's definition, and you can recreate it or become a prototype. You have to love yourself enough to have the courage to make the best decision for you.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Mother & Daughter

Gorgeous Mother & Daughter photo.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Aspiring Model - Alecia Loveless

"To start off, my name is Alecia Miraje Loveless, and I'm from Detroit, MI. I'm 19 years old, and I am a second year student at Wayne State University. I am looking to be a natural hair model, whether it be in a magazine, blog, or show. Contact me at  My hair is always what I've been known for. Since I'm of Mexican and African-American descent, my natural hair is thick, with a twist of kinky curls. At first, I didn't appreciate my hair because my parents moved me out to the suburbs, where hardly anybody has hair like mine. Wanting to be like everybody else, I permed my hair and put color to it frequent times. There got to a point where I was so frustrated that I cut my own hair, and I had to go to a shop to fix it. After I stopped coloring it and growing it out, I noticed how many compliments I got on my hair. How it makes me look unique, and it makes me different from others. Finally, I opened my eyes and appreciated the hair I was blessed with. I wear it natural to show that it is okay to be yourself no matter where you are, or who your around. Be you."   -Alecia Miraje  :-)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Natural Remedies to Repair Damaged Hair

For most people, hair is a central way to feel attractive. Yet, when the hair has become damaged, due to a styling accident or health related causes, your hair can become thin, brittle, and dull. African American hair is especially susceptible to damage, due to the extra styling it requires. Natural hair always needs a little extra attention to help it look the best.  

If this is the case with your hair, did you know that there are actually some natural ways to repair and restore your damaged hair to its former glory? Here are some helpful tips for bringing life back into your tresses, with a little help from Mother Nature herself.

If your hair is dry or brittle
Having dry hair that breaks easily is very frustrating indeed. Yet, you can use some simple natural treatments to repair your damaged hair fast. Start by taking a trip to the local supermarket to pick up a few elements. Start with honey or molasses, a tablespoon of which can be added to your regular conditioner to give it a boost.

If your hair is frizzy
Anytime your mane gets unruly, especially in the summer months, try this natural trick for restoring balance and beauty to hair. Mix 1 teaspoon of olive oil with fresh water in a spray bottle. After washing your hair your normal way, spritz some of this tincture on your hair and let it air dry. You’ll add shine and ease away the frizzies in no time at all.

If your hair has split ends
Split ends can be a major problem, especially if you have slow growing natural hair. Mash up half of a fresh avocado and smooth it onto the ends of your hair for a deep moisturizing treatment. Let it set on your hair wrapped under a hot towel while you shower or give yourself a manicure. Repeat this at least once a week for the best results.

If your hair or scalp is oily
Oily hair and scalps can leave you itching and your hair looking weighed down. To treat this problem in between washings rub some cornstarch into your scalp and comb out. You’ll remove some of the oils in the process. When you do wash your hair, use coconut water as a rinse to reduce your itchy and oily scalp.

If your hair lacks shine
Shiny hair is the hallmark of healthy hair, so you want to pay attention if your hair looks dull. To add shine to your natural black hair, use a rinse of apple cider vinegar after you shampoo. Rinse well with water afterwards to reduce the smell.

If you are losing hair
All women and men experience hair loss at different times in their lives, brought on by health changes and stress. First rule out any health issues with your physician and then try the natural hair restorative properties of tea tree oil. Mix a teaspoon into your shampoo and shake well, then wash as normal. While it does take a few days to help, you will notice less hair loss with regular use of tea tree oil. This is also great for clearing up scalp breakouts.

Having healthy and radiant hair can make you feel like a million bucks. Take the time to evaluate how and when you style your hair to find less stressful ways of managing it. Try to give it a day off once in a while from excessive heat and styling products.

About the Author: Debbie Sweet is a board-certified dermatologist and Chicago laser hair removal specialist. When she’s not working, she enjoys yoga retreats and organic gardening.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Silk Hair Flower Giveaway!! Plus 3-Day 40% Discount

Great Giveaway just in time for Thanksgiving! Fatima from Flowers From Fatima is giving away a gorgeous silk hair clip called a Tangerine Ranunculus Hair Clip. The color of this flower is perfect for the Fall season, and will look great for your Thanksgiving holiday attire.  To enter the contest to win this hair flower clip, follow these three steps:

- Answer this question, by replying to this post: What is the first word that you think of when you see this style (Tangerine Ranunculus Hair Clip) from Flowers From Fatima?

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This contest will end on November 3rd, at midnight. The winner will be announced the following week.

Bonus! For the next three days (October 23, 24 & 25) all of the Naturally Beautiful Hair Blog readers are being given a 40% off discount on their purchase from Flowers From Fatima. Use code "NaturalBeauty40" at check out!

Monday, October 22, 2012

New Blog Additions

Check out the new tabs - 
More to come....

Friday, October 19, 2012

Fun Textures - Natural Girls United!™

Check out Natural Girls United!  I am enjoying working with different textures when customizing dolls for the site. Looking forward to filling the custom orders and creating more styles for the ready to sell page. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ebony at Capital City Natural Hair & Health Expo

Congratulations to model Ebony Lunsford for winning a contest at the Capital City Natural Hair & Health Expo in Tallahassee, Fl, which was judged by Thando Khafele. She will also be modeling & competing at the Taliah Waajid World Natural Hair Expo this weekend on 10/7/12. In the photo on the right, from left to right: Model Desray Keizer, Natural Stylist Thando Khafele, Natural Stylist Phyllis Allen, Ebony's stylist Shawn Lamar, Natural Stylist Simone Hylton ( Serena Williams hair stylist) & Ebony Lunsford!!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Beautiful Loc's!

Love the color of her hair. ~ Source

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Rachel's Story

"Eight months ago, I without regret cut off a length of relaxed hair that reached the bottom of my back. Had I done the act a year prior, I would have been devastated and emotionally torn. You see, only a year before, I was unhealthily obsessed and attached to the length of my hair, my mind always in a state of, “Grow, grow, grow, I can never let this go,” and so at the time, the thought of cutting any length off of my hair coincided with the disfigurement of my self-image. I longed to be as attractive as our Latin, Asian, and European counterparts, believing that long, loose flowing hair that you could straighten, curl, make wavy, and style endlessly, was simply the way to be if one wanted to be perceived as beautiful. This is why I relaxed in the first place. No one I knew wore cornrows and thick plaits as I did daily, and so I felt out of the norm, and hopelessly unappealing. The day I relaxed, I felt I had found the cure.

Fast forward to a time of being at the height of my love affair with long hair, I every so often questioned my authentic self. There were many days where I felt that my reflection in the mirror did not reflect who I was, or who I was meant to be. On and off I wondered what a head of my natural hair would look like on me. “It would look right,” I would think to myself. It would feel right, too. Still, my immediate response to the idea of going natural was, “Lose all of this hair? Hah! Never.” Confusingly, I yearned to be as me as I could be, yet I could not bring myself to go against the perceived standards of beauty, even when the active ingredient in relaxers sometimes left my scalp chemically burned to the severity of bleeding. “All in the name of beauty…,” I defended.

Unexpectedly, the chains of emotional attachment to my hair began to loosen as long hair became a nuisance to handle. I grew tired of the lifeless length, fussy hair days, and sick of the way it felt simply laying against my neck, shoulders, and back. During this time, I’d become obsessed with thoughts of going natural, and while I still could not bring myself to the idea of big chopping, I certainly was ready to at least chop of half the length of my hair. I resolved to a plan of long-term transitioning to ease the pain of change. This transition lasted a grand total of four months, yielding about an inch or two of natural hair growth.

The day suddenly came when I realized my fears held no ground, and I was simply too anxious and ready to rid myself of my relaxed hair and welcome my own. I cut it off, and something instantly within me became free. I feel a different kind of beauty, one deeper-rooted and defined by my own criteria, no one else’s. What is mine is mine now – to have, to hold, to love and to take care of.
Going natural has become a most rewarding experience, and I personally understand that just as you cannot tell a depressed person to cheer up, or an anxious person to calm down, you cannot push one to big chop, or help someone accept losing their hair by exclaiming, “It’s just hair!” There are always underlying and hindering fears, insecurities, emotions, and experiences to be acknowledged, analyzed, challenged, and peacefully resolved.

We are all born with the bravery and courage it takes to make change and face the things we fear; only it takes more time for some than others for that strength to be summoned. And believe me, sooner or later, that time always comes. If you want to big chop but do not feel that you are ready to, then don’t do it. If you feel like you need to read a few more blogs, hear a few more experiences, or watch a few more videos for encouragement and inspiration, then by all means do so. Give yourself the time you need and deserve to make your decision and take action, and all the while take comfort in knowing that everyone’s time comes, and if something is meant to be, it will be. By the same token, don’t run away from the idea and don’t fear or avoid making the decision, because it will always return and it will always press harder. What you truly want at heart is already yours, so be confident and do not fear – happiness is always yours in the end!" ~ Rachel

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Souriyah Wrap by EyeSeye Creations

I love my new handmade Souriyah Sistah Wrap made by EyeSeye Creations. The wrap is crocheted and can be made by custom order. You can request your wrap in different colors and lengths. What's also cool is that the Souriyah Wrap can be worn as a head wrap (up or down) or as a warm cozy shawl. The company is owned and operated by husband and wife, Mr. & Mrs. Seye.

"EYESEYE (pronounced I-Sayy Creations) Creations is a website and online store combo of a couple's hand-made artistic expressions. Zaaynab Le'Von - creates hand-made adornments from fibers, wire, pennies, stones and other odd objects. She especially enjoys crocheting hats and baby items.  Rakhou (Abdourahmane) - creates unique & thought-provoking works of art using acrylic & oil. He also enjoys drawing with different weights of lead and water-color painting. Their creations are filled with thought, love, time, and self-expression."
~ EyeSeye Creations

Check out this great video from Zaaynab, that shows how easy it is to wrap your hair with the Souriyah Wrap.