Thursday, December 12, 2019

Hot Heads!


Hot Head microwavable deep conditioning heat caps are a great way to give your hair a hot oil treatment.  A hot oil treatment can not only give you hair the much needed moisture it needs, but it is also a great way to help cut down on breakage when you are trying to de-tangle and or wash your hair.

When I used my hot head, I could tell right away how much softer and more manageable my hair was. "Hot Head is handmade locally by our team of skilled seamstresses! Hot Head is the original flax filled, microwavable, deep conditioning heat cap. It is allowing people all over the world the freedom to achieve the results of a salon quality deep conditioning treatment at home with ease." - About Hot Head

I also recommend the Hot Head Spritzer's that come in different scents. My favorite scent is the Dark Coconut. You add a spray of the scent you like, to you cap before using it on your hair, and it is very soothing.

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