Saturday, March 9, 2024

Flexible Textured Loc Wrap by DivaDeluxxe!

I am so excited to be loc'd again.  Although I love my hair in all ways - both loose and loc'd natural hair.  

I recently dyed my hair ginger.  And it's new for me because I have never made such a big change with hair color before.  What a refreshing change.  💕

Before I dyed my hair, I already had several loc wraps from DivaDeluxxe that I absolutely loved. But they where in my old color which was 2B (dark brown).  I took a chance and reached out to the Etsy store owner and asked if she would be able to do a color match for the Flexible Rose Quartz love adorned textured loc wrap.  And she said yes!  I received my loc's wrap today and its gorgeous. Thank you for this great loc accessories Diva D.

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Gorgeous Design!

 Loving this hairstyle design via Emily Cotton's 30 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Short Natural Hair You Can Try.

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Short Hair- Don't Care!

Short hair can be so fun!  I have been trying hard to grow my hair out for some time.  But it is always a great feeling to know if I ever decide to do something different - that I have some fantastic and stylish options.  If you would like to see some options for short hairstyles, check out Pinterest!



Friday, April 30, 2021

Community Art Work - Mensen

This artwork really speaks to me. It shouts community, love, warmth, family, respect and more.  Menen is a great artist that does illustrations, portraits, murals and.  To see more go to artwork by Mensen.  And read about her on her about me page. 

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Symone Seven's Create Art

Symone Seven is the "Queen of Photoshop", and her beautiful Vogue glam & Disney themed artworks are fabulous!  I wanted to share her work for you to enjoy. 

You can see more of Symone's work on her website (where she also offers her photoshop skills for hire); and on IG at @symoneseven.

Monday, April 5, 2021

Brown Skin Girl "Harriet" by Crixtover Edwin

Gorgeous artwork! 
Brown Skin Girl "Harriet" by Crixtover Edwin

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Carol's Daughters - Coco Crème Curl Collection

Carol's Daughter is a brand that I absolutely love.  They have products for all curly hair types and make quality products that are good for our hair.  March 16th 2021 was the first National Curl Crush Day, started by Carol's Daughter to "Honor the perfect, beautiful, wonderful Curls that make your exquisite crown." #Curlcrush!



"NEW YORK, NY, March 16, 2021 –  “Curl Envy” is a real thing, according to new research* conducted by Carol’s Daughter, which found that 82% of Black Women admitted to having  experienced it. That is why the brand is challenging women everywhere to love their curls rather than wishing for someone else’s and has declared today National Curl Crush Day - a day to celebrate all curls and empower everyone to be their own curl crush by showing off their beautiful, natural hair."

Some of the great products included in the new Coco Creme Curl Collection hair care line are 

Curl Shaping Cream Gel

Curl  Quenching Shampoo

Curl Perfecting Water Coco Mist

Curl Quenching Conditioner

To see more of Carol's Daughter, go to their Instagram & Facebook Page. 

Model Saje Nicole!

This is an absolutely gorgeous photo of Model Saje Nicole. She has beautiful hair and skin!

"Saje Nicole is a Model, Actress and Entrepreneur based in Miami FL. She is dedicated to showing women how to live their best lives through fitness, fashion, travel and everyday life advice. Saje’s mission is to inspire women to not only dream, but to go unapologetically after them. Saje enjoys sharing authentic, over the top, yet relatable content to her community that will empower and inspire them to live and thrive. We all live different lives, but ultimately have the same goals. To be the best version of ourselves."


See Saje on Intagram at @sajenicole

Tuesday, March 16, 2021


With having natural hair, one of the things I depend on to keep my hair healthy, are protective styles.  It gives my hair a chance to relax from constant styling, which can cause breakage, product buildup and dryness.  Anewow is a great company that offers satin-lined headwraps, headband-wigs, and more...  It also offers the option to look cute on the go!

More about their headwraps - "What's one of the most essential tools for retaining length and moisture in your hair? Satin. Traditional Headwraps can cause friction and dry out your hair. Our wraps Protect your hair by covering your strands in high quality, luxurious satin. Every single wrap is handmade by specially trained artisans right here in the US. Every seam is carefully constructed, and every knot is tied by hand. Your piece is ALWAYS an original work of art."

                                                   African Print Head Wrap With Satin-Lined

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Carol's Daughter Wash Way Delight

Carol's Daughter has a new line of product's called Wash Day Delight that in includes a shampoo that deeply cleanses your hair without stripping. It is sulfate free, silicone free, paraben free, no artificial colors and has a vegan formula. It also includes  conditioner that is a "unique jelly to cream formula that instantly moisturizes hair from root to ends."
The shampoo and conditioner's come in two heavenly scents: Rose Water and Aloe. 

I love Carol's Daughter's products and how everything is made for people with curly and kinky hair.

To learn more about Carol Daughter's, join them on their website at Carol's Daughter; and on nd join us on social media to share your reactions on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. #WashDayDelight.

Monday, September 14, 2020

You Go Natural Headwraps

I have been really excited about headwraps over the years. But now more than ever..  at the age of 45.  I am very comfortable with showing off the beauty and uniqueness of headwraps; and taking back the power of the history of headwraps.  Heads wraps can be styled in so many ways that often gives you the look of grace, wisdom and royalty. 

My latest headwrap is from YGN.  You Go Natural headwraps are great because they are a line of pre-tied, wraps, turbans and headbands that are lined with satin. Which helps to protect your hair from breakage. 

YGN is a blacked owned and operated by Monique Little.  And the business is located out of Dallas Texas.   Thank you Monique!

Friday, May 1, 2020

Gorgeous artwork!

Found some gorgeous art online.  See links below for artist info.  Happy Friday. 

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Hot Heads!


Hot Head microwavable deep conditioning heat caps are a great way to give your hair a hot oil treatment.  A hot oil treatment can not only give you hair the much needed moisture it needs, but it is also a great way to help cut down on breakage when you are trying to de-tangle and or wash your hair.

When I used my hot head, I could tell right away how much softer and more manageable my hair was. "Hot Head is handmade locally by our team of skilled seamstresses! Hot Head is the original flax filled, microwavable, deep conditioning heat cap. It is allowing people all over the world the freedom to achieve the results of a salon quality deep conditioning treatment at home with ease." - About Hot Head

I also recommend the Hot Head Spritzer's that come in different scents. My favorite scent is the Dark Coconut. You add a spray of the scent you like, to you cap before using it on your hair, and it is very soothing.