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Afro Funk & the Inspired Fashion

Afro Funk has always inspired some creative and coforful fashions.  Some looks that I have always loved, but have never been cool enough to pull off!  😂

"Afro funk - also known as Afro Beat, is a music genre which developed in the 1970s out of a combination of West African musical styles, such as Fuji music and highlife with American jazz, with a focus on chanted vocals and percussion. The genre features chants, call-and-response vocals, and complex, interacting rhythms. The man to coin this term also known as the father of afrobeat is Nigerian multi-instrumentalist and bandleader Fela Kuti who popularised the style both within and outside Nigeria. It was partially borne out of an attempt to distinguish Kuti's music from the "soul music" of American artists such as James Brown." - Wikipedia.  To see more about the history of Afro Beat, go to -

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

'Stashing' is the newest way to get screwed over in love

I found this interesting article on Yahoo news today that is both funny, full of truths and amusing.  Dating, for me, has always been a love-hate thing.  I enjoy getting out and meeting new people, but it can be exhausting.  Between trying to find someone that you have chemistry with, similar interest and life often a tall order.
Because I am a busy mommy, work full time and try to have a regular workout routine - finding time to get out and meet someone new is often difficult. Although I am very open to meeting someone when I do get out, I have and do use online dating. 
The article below, hits on a lot of things that I have experienced will online dating - dating fishing, breadcrumbing, stashing (girl... move on, ha ha), kittenfishing, catfising and ghosting! These terms are all explained below or linked to an explanation.  So if I have been through all of this, why o why do I continue to do the online dating thing. I ask myself this question all the time.  I have often deleted online my dating app... and then get back on out of sheer boredom. But who knows, maybe if I keep my heart open, one day I will meet my match.  
Read this great article below, on what to look out for when dating -
'Stashing' is the newest way to get screwed over in love
By Cassie Murdoch
Feel like your new romance features a little bit too much alone time? You might have been stashed.
What now? Meet “stashing,” the newest relationship term to strike fear into our hearts. We’ve already been victims of “kittenfishing,” “breadcrumbing,” “gatsybying,” “haunting,” and, of course, the ubiquitous “ghosting.” And now we’ve got this to worry about.
Stashing, as the Metro reports, is that thing where you’re in a new relationship and everything seems great, except for one thing — you’ve never met any of your new love’s friends or family.   You’ve let this person fully into your life, but they haven’t even so much as acknowledged your existence on social media or introduced you to one of their pals. Uh oh, you’ve been stashed.  Basically you're being kept a secret for one reason or another, like a little treasure stashed away in an underwear drawer. Ugh. 
When you press your partner about it, they’ll try to wriggle out of having to explain. Sorry to say, but they’re probably already in a relationship with someone else or have some other dark secret to hide.
The good news is that “stashing” is just a new name for something that people have been doing since the beginning of time. So this isn’t some new horror brought on by dating apps or Instagram. Still, it’s no fun. But don’t take it personally. It doesn’t mean they find you too embarrassing to share with their nearest and dearest; it means they’re a liar. And the sooner you can un-stash yourself the better. 
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Monday, August 21, 2017

How to Achieve Long Hair the Healthy Way

How to Achieve Long Hair the Healthy Way
You want long hair, but you’re frustrated that it still looks the same month after month. Hair vitamins have done little or nothing to help, and now you’re ready to try another approach.

It may not seem like it, but your hair is growing. Human hair grows at an average rate of a ½ an inch per month. The question is, how do you keep the growth? In this article, you’ll find helpful tips on how to achieve the healthy, long hair you’re dying to have. 
Do You Know Your Hair’s Porosity Type?

Knowing the porosity type is one of the first steps to growing long, lustrous hair. It’s a quick way to determine how your hair absorbs moisture. Once you understand porosity, you’ll be able to match the right kind of products to your hair. A great way to identify your porosity type is by doing a test. Place a clean strand of hair in a cup of room-temperature water. Does it float or sink?

If the hair floats on top of the water, you have low-porosity hair. Styling products tend to sit on top of your hair, instead of being absorbed. Adding heat while you apply products will get your closed cuticles to open and absorb moisture better.  If the hair sinks to the bottom, your hair is high-porosity and absorbs moisture like a porous sponge. But this means it’s easy for moisture to exit too. Your best bet is to keep hair continuously moisturized with leave-in products. You’ll want to coat your hair with healing butters and creams to strengthen the shaft.

Moisture is Queen

When dry hair breaks, you lose length. If you want beautiful, long locks, you must moisturize your hair every day. You probably know that the curlier the hair, the dryer it becomes. This is because it's hard for the scalp’s natural oils to travel down to coat the entire coily strand. So, you’ll need to do extra treatments to retain moisture. Also, the higher your porosity level, the more frequently you’ll need to deep condition. Aim to deep condition 2-3 times per week if you have high-porosity hair, and once a week if it’s low-porosity.

Be sure to focus on the ends when you apply products to restore and strengthen them as much as possible.Do you want a simple, easy-to-remember method for keeping your hair moisturized? Use the L.O.C. Method. It will lock in moisture and help define your curls. Here’s how it works:

L stands for liquid. Use water as the first step in your hydration method. If it is not wash day, have a spray bottle filled with water on hand to provide moisture. If you want to use a detangler at this point, you can.

O is for oil. The best oils moisturize, heal and protect. If you’re new to oils, start out with an easy-to-find product like coconut oil. You can add growth oils like rosemary, peppermint, and Black Jamaican Castor Oil to speed the growth process.

C stands for Cream. The cream works to smooth the cuticle and seal in the oil to the hair shaft. Many naturals use a curling cream for this stage like Shea Moisture’s Curl Enhancing Smoothie or Oyin’s Whipped Pudding, but you could even use a lighter cream like a leave-in conditioner for this step. Try Kinky Curly’s Knot Today or As I Am’s Leave-In Conditioner.

Wrap it Up at Night

Using a satin bonnet while you sleep will reduce shedding and will keep curls in place. An alternative to the bonnet is a satin or silk pillowcase.  If you follow these guidelines, you’ll be well on your way to long, healthy curls in due time. Have patience as you experiment and remember that growing long natural hair is a journey, not a destination.  


Feature Image Urban Cusp
Hair Porosity Image Shampoo Truth

Article written by Patrina . Patrina is the founder of; a blog to educate and inspire women with natural hair. Patrina just celebrated her 10-year natural hair anniversary, and achieved her goal of waist length hair. With the knowledge she has learned over the years she is dedicated to share her knowledge, and experience to educate women who wish to have moisturized, healthy natural long hair.

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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Link of the day - Bobby Pin Hacks

Great article published on TGIN, on the best ways to use bobby pins for natural hair -

5 Bobby Pin Hacks to Make Your Natural Hair Regimen Easier!
By Thank God It's Natural
Bobby pins are a curly girl’s best friend. And we’re not the only ones who think so! No matter how useful and amazing bobby pins are…we all know how out-of-control they can be. They are tiny and so easy to lose that by the end of the month, it’s time to buy a new pack already! For the love of bobby pins, we’ve gathered our 5 favorite bobby pin hacks to keep the pins in control! And to get the best styling results you can get at the same time:

1. Magnet Strip
You may already be aware…that bobby pins are magnetic! This answers the one seemingly impossible challenge of keeping bobby pins organized. Simply glue or tack a magnet strip inside of your drawer, mirror, vanity — or anyplace you typically style your hair most often — and store all of your pins along the strip! No dropping them on the floor or having to remember where one may be…they will all hold securely in the same spot.

2. Coat with Hair Spray or Gel
The smoother your hair is, the easier it is for bobby pins to slip out throughout the day which will kill your style and deplete your bobby pin collection…Make sure those bobby pins stay in place by spraying them first with hair spray or coating them in a mixture of water and your  favorite gel.

3. Wavy Side down
Another trick to secure the bobby pins to your hair and to preserve your style is to use them correctly! It may be counter intuitive, but bobby pins are meant to be placed into the hair wavy side down.

4. DIY Clips
With a little bit of glue, buttons, flowers, and/or nail polish (and a little bit of time) bobby pins are a great accessory to use in making your own DIY pins. Simply glue on your favorite buttons or small flowers to add a subtle pop of color to any hair style. You can also paint plain gold, silver, and black pins with your favorite nail polish colors, let dry, and then pin throughout your hair to accent your style with color, rather than just holding it in place.

5. Exposed Pin Styles
This may be our favorite — get creative with your bobby pins! Bad hair day? Pin your hair into a messy top knot or side bun and then distract from the messiness with an interesting pin arrangement. Create stripes, shapes — whatever your inner artist desires.
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The Pompadour is a classic hairstyle that can be worn for a casual, fancy or edgy look. It originated in the 1940's and is still very popular till this day. To see history behind pompadour's, click here 




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Natural Hair Brides

It's been a while since I have published new wedding look for women with natural hair. Thanks sites like pinterest, there some many inspirational photos. Here are a few -



Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Mildred Bean's beautiful grey hair

I have always admired photos of Mildred Bean's hair. She is a wonderful example of how silver or grey hair can be gorgeous.

I have started noticing my own silver hair popping up over the last year or two. At first, I would freak out and cut them out as soon as I could. Cursing the intruders. But over time, I have started to accepted that at age 42, things are not always going to be the same. 

So I have stared to slowly accepted and even celebrate my silver hairs.  Occasionally the idea of coloring pops up in my hair. But I still stay strong...  as of now. lol

Here are a few quotes from Mildren, that where published on an old Hair Looms Blog interview.

Here's what Mildred recommends [for maintaining healthy grey hair]:
  • Keep your hair cleansed.
  • Use products that are either clear or white.
  • Avoid products with artificial and/or deep natural color.
  • Avoid flat irons and curling irons. If you're not careful they can discolor hair by burning or "baking" products into the hair.
"Embracing your natural hair color, be it gray, silver or white isn't always an easy decision.  It takes a
little courage for some because nobody wants to feel unattractive and/or look "old."  I would suggest they wait until they have a little more confidence in their appearance.  If you have concerns about your outer appearance, I would recommend concentrating on your overall health.  Adopt healthy eating habits, exercise routines, and skin care regimens. Then work on a wardrobe update.  I strongly believe these can help make you confident about your personal appearance.  Once those are in place, I think transitioning into your natural hair color will be a lot easier."

You can read more about Mildred on The Pink. To see more, check her out on her social media pages -

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Great protective style!

Love this cut and Faux-locs protective hairstyle. Image found here.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Law'd Have Mercy... Mcdonald Jean-Louis

Thank you Essence for posting some yummy... whoops, I mean handsome photos of Haitian Model Mcdonald Jean-Louis! Quotes from Mcdonald -
  • "I absolutely love what I do," the athlete, author, model and student shares. "Being an inspiration to others is what inspires me. I love the feeling of having someone say, 'hey, you inspire me to be the best me!"
  • "I'm sapiosexual so a woman's mind is what's most sexiest to me," the 23-year-old admits.
  • "A beautiful mind will turn me on quicker than a beautiful body would!"
  • "I'm the perfect catch because I am a mature and focused man! Not only this but I'm also an old school gentleman. Plus I'm handsome, fit and I know how to be the leader a lady needs!" Hey, we won't argue with that!
  • "I'm a gym rat so I'm in the gym everyday," the Virgo shares. "I don't do anything special in the gym but what has worked for me is doing each exercise as intense as I can with minimum rest in between sets! I love the burn!"
  • "My hobbies are reading self help books and playing basketball," says Jean-Louis. "My favorite past time is being back on the islands of the Bahamas with my friends. Growing up there was so much fun, we'd build club houses in the bushes and stay there all day. We had everything in our clubhouses: light, stove, carpet and food' it was an actual house!"
  •  "The most embarrassing thing I've ever done for love has to be the one time I got caught stealing quarters out of my grandmother's room because I wanted to buy an ice-cream sandwich for my girlfriend." Aww, so sweet! Coolest thing I've ever done is Parasailing! Being so high in the air was pretty frightening and cool," the athlete told ESSENCE. "But the thrill I experienced definitely made it a once in a lifetime experience." The bravest thing ever I've done is leaving home at 15 years old and moving to another island to live with a complete stranger in hopes I would be in a better position to accomplish my dreams."
  • "The perfect date for me is an evening on the beach under the stars and moonlight," says Jean-Louis.
  • "I love the cool breeze and the sound of the waves going back forth as I express myself."
  • "I think a woman's sexiest qualities are: attitude, confidence and sense of humor! A woman with a great attitude, high confidence and good sense of humor is unstoppable in my eyesight."
  • "An intellectual woman turns me on! A woman that could stimulate me mentally."