Friday, February 27, 2009

Natural Beauty spotlight - Kara from LA!

Kara is my natural beauty inspiration of the week. I love her retro style, vibrant colors and gorgeous hair. Kara keep being you.... cause it works!


  1. I just discover your blog! Your locks are gorgeous! and these pics you share are awesome! Thanks for inspiring!

  2. Hi Beelov... Thank you for the positive comment. I am glad you like the blog. Please continue to check back for new post. And I love your photo's on your fotki page. The coiff style you did is so cute! Maybe you will let me feature your picture on this blog?!?


  3. Hi Karen,

    I ran across your blog on where they did a special article on natural, of course it caught my attention. I've had my locs for 9 years this May. Thank you for making this wonderful blogspot for us natural sistas!!


  4. Thank you Tomarion! I just found out about the Concrete Loop blog post today. I was very happy to see the feature. I have been a fan of their site for while. And thank you for taking time to check out my site. Keep checking back for more post.

    Peace and blessings.... Karen

  5. Simply superb.... Thanks for sharing such a informative stuff.....


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