Wednesday, April 8, 2009

25 Subscribers - Woo Hoo!!

I am very happy to see that Natural Hair Beauty Blog has 25 subscribers. This blog is still relatively new. I started it about 2 month's ago, and it has been such a joy to talk to people about their experiences and to see that we have such a large community of people that want to support each other.

I hope to continue to be able to post information that will relate to others and what they are experiencing as well as bring you new information.

*Contribute! Feel free to send me suggestions or ideas of things to share with others. If you want to share you story, send me a picture and your info to, and I will post it on my blog.

Thank you again to all the Natural Hair Beauty readers.... I look forward to sharing info with you, and learning from you all.


  1. lol i loooooooooooove ur blog. how did u get so many followers so fast? i have been blogging since b4 i had my baby and i still cant get people to read and comment in my blog.

  2. :-) Very happy to hear that you like my blog. Re:question... I not sure. But I am very happy that people are reading. I like your blog as well. It is very honest. I am heading out for the day, but when I have time - I am going to check out your blog more.


  3. I have been wearing my hair locked for eight years. It's so long now that I had to hire a loctician to help me keep them maintained! Thanks so much for this blog; I look forward to reading each entry and finding out more ways to style my naturally beautiful hair!

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  5. Wonderful Godly Woman! Congratulations for being eight years strong with your locs! Thank you so much for reading... :-D


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