Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fake Fro!?!

Ok so the question is - how do you feel about people faking "being natural"?? In a recent blog on FroLab it was insinuated by author Jelize, in his post Battle of the Fros! that singer Teyana Taylor, (who was sporting a gorgeous afro), only had a weave at the time.

Although I do beleive & know that being natural is much more than just some latest trend, I can not knock those who see that there is a beauty in having natural hair and want to try it out. For me - I would rather it be a true commentment, but who am I to judge. If there is someone out there that is popular and famous, why would it hurt if they can use their fame to promote natural hair. Even if it is only temporary. For that time being, their fans are seeing this natural look - and some of them may be encouraged to think out side of the box and maybe even follow their heart to do something that feels right to them. I dunno... Let me know what.

Here is a picture of a Lace Front Afro wig! Looks can be deceiving...

  • Is "Fake" Natural a good or bad thing?!?


  1. It is disarming, though I can't quite pinpoint why. Maybe because intuitively, we know there's so much more to being natural than just picking a hairstyle off a wig stand.

    And yet, I can't bring myself to completely knock it either....

    Color me perplexed.

  2. Yeah... I think this is one of those things that isn't just black or white. So I have to say ditto to your comment Miss Marche

  3. Being natural can't be bought, it sounds great but if you look at it critically you will realize, a fake fro doesn't encourage people to be natural. It just shows people that you don't have to be natural to rock an afro.

  4. Very good point Cee. I agree with this point as well. Deep down I think that being natural is something that should be a personal commitment. For me, I came to a point in life where I was tired of trying to be something I wasn't, and at that point committing to being real was so important. So I do understand how someone who is faking it, could be taking away from what the natural community is all about.

  5. It depends on how you view reality. Everything man-made is within the unnatural realm, while everything in harmony with nature is absolute reality. Logically it's not possible to fake natural. Natural is absolute, nature is absolute. So I guess then the concept of "fake natural" is just an attempt to alter reality... I don't think it promotes natural hair, something unnatural can not promote anything in the natural realm, it can only promote what is unnatural. I mean aye even this computer I'm using to type this is yeah I guess it depends on how you view reality and whether or not you choose to care... because no one should have to feel pressured about their hair anyway.

  6. Good point Killercowboi. It's really all about each individual and their perception. I am still on the fence with this one. Although I would still like to see more people in the lime light commit to being natural. I still think that "fake natural" is better thank nothing. If we had all our famous folks only walking around with weaves or permed hair, it would sadden me. So even though you make a really good point - I still see the good in both sides.

  7. Sometimes I think we take being natural to another level - cult"ish" type of level.

    When I wanted to have locs a few years ago I did not have the desire to cut off my hair and start from nothing. For many many personal reasons. So I decided toi have loc extensions put in.

    As my hair grew out I cut off the extensions. I year later I had locs that were mature, completely my own and it was a very easy transition for me into natural hair.

    What's the point? I think that the end justifies the means in many ways and additionally if someone wants to try out being natural I say let them! Those of us who really enjoy our God given locs know that once you try it you probably won't go back :) And really it's not much more different than when natural ladies do "protective styles" in the name of keeping their natural hair healthy.

    As long as you can rock it with pride I say go forth and do it your own way.

  8. Very nice comment Krisette! Thank you for sharing your views.

  9. The only thing that hurts with the fake fro is that most get a weave that's loosely curled. Truly kinky afro-y hair is still not represented alot.

  10. I never thought of that. That's a good point Jadeite.

  11. I don't know how I feel about it. On one hand, it brings natural hair into the spot light. That means more people will be exposed to it and maybe they'll realize "that's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen! I want my hair to do that!" and natural hair will start loosing its o.0 WHAT HAVE YOU DUN TO UR HEAD!?!! sentiments that some many naturals deal with.

    On the other hand, it seems to reinforce that me wearing my hair natural is just another "trend" I'm following and I shouldn't spend so much time and money protecting something I'm "just going to tex lax again."

  12. I honestly love it. I have worn a afro weave a few times and still intend on doing it again. I am currently in a transitioning phase and it was easy to blend all my new growth at my hairline. I love big hair as well. I am not brave enough to do the big chop, so I wear my fros or kinky twists as I continue to transition

  13. The real question is this: Do we really believe we're doing something extra when we wear our hair natural, and if so WHY?

    When women who have naturally straight hair don't do things to change their hair state i.e.: color, curl, etc. Why don't we look at them and say "they are making a commitment, not faking the funk, so they should look at every straight/wavy/short/long wig or weave as someone "faking the funk"---

    Beauty is beauty in every way that you express it. "natural" sisters color their hair and aren't "natural" enough; while "locked" sisters lock their hair and aren't "natural enough" cause their hair doesn't grow out matted that way. (go figure)

    I pray for the day when we aren't "torn" or "perplexed" by things like this because it's another person's adoration of what we have naturally. It's also a protection to our own hair from the elements.

    When the Nubians were making fro, braided, and curly wigs as well as changing hair color with Henna for the ancient Egyptians, they were praised for their ability to be beautifully innovative and trending. fast forward to today, we do the same things and find a way to question or test each other's authenticity.

    Rock a wig, Rock your hair, Rock it locked, Rock it relaxed- But in whatever you do, ROCK IT OUT because it's YOUR personality that you're putting on display at the end of the day.

  14. What a cool blog!

    Okay with that out the way, first of all I want to say something that is really really important. When a woman wears a fro, real or fake, she will encouter certain stereotypes. Is she a Mother Africa type black power chick, a rebel, a boheme a free spirit or a creative type? Natural hair, while it does appear to be "trendy" still isn't the norm. Straightened hair, through relaxers or pressing combs in the black community are par for the course. If a woman walks out of the house with a fro, there will be those who say "Oooh sista you are beautiful" or "she looks like Mufasa's wife" (i kid you not a homegirl of mine with mid back length afro kinky textured all real hair had some burnt out permed out chicks cracking jokes on her and they said that!) If it's real or fake, it takes a certain type of person, who doesn't care that she doesnt fit the European beauty ideal to rock the fro, whether she "growed it" or "sewed it" or glued that bad boy down.

    My hair has been natural since 2008. In that time I experimented with straight and curly and kinky curly styles. I noticed that I blend in but am not stunning with the straight hair, I get the most comments and compliments with the curly and kinky hair than with the straight hair. But i also noticed that some people would just stare at me and not really be nice or cordial with the hair that most mimic-ed my natural tresses. What does that mean? It means that real or fake, you have to have this attitude that hair that looks more like it grew out of your scalp with NO chemical alterations, takes a lot of pride, and self awareness, and fierceness, as in, "I'm fine, no matter what."

    I say, a fake fro is a good thing, because it will help more of us see that we would look good with our natural hair, and the added length lets us remember WHY we are doing this. To have a full head of natural hair with natural sista texture, instead of that Indi Remi stuff. And it will help our little girls and young ladies see that they don't have to use the creamy crack to be beautiful. The more women they see wearing natural hair, the more they will accept that beauty (and the rest of the world will have no choice but to). And that's something to look forward to.


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