Friday, April 24, 2009

How do you wash your hair?

This is actually an old video on you tube - but one of my favorites! It's called "How do you wash your hair?"

This is just a reminder of some of the really rude looks I get because of my hair - from almost every nationality. Or the very silly questions I get, because people are confused. For the last time - No they are not braids!!! Yes - my hair is clean. I wash it ALL THE TIME.. with Shampoo, just like you. Loc's are beautiful. It's sad when people pre-judge because of something new or something they don't understand.


  1. This is one of my yt favorites also. Once, when someone asked me how I wash my locs, I told them I wash them the same way you'd wash a fine, hand-woven sweater. They are wear-able art, and have to be treated that way!

  2. Great response to that question Deborah! I think the question would through me off so much, that I wouldn't be able to come up with something so creative. Good work...

  3. I get this question from people of both blacks and whites. Strangely enough, more blacks than whites. Whites tend to ask how I "get it like that" and want to touch it.

    My hair is the subject of conversation at almost every family gathering. Anytime I tell someone that I'm "washing my hair" they are always amazed and ask me what I mean.

    One day I'll think of a clever response... thanks for sharing :-)

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  5. Absolutely hilarious Christy... wow. Well it just goes to show how ignorance can be wide spread. But on a positive note, even when folks are confused, for the most part, they seem willing to learn.

  6. I hadn't seen this one!

    People may seem rude, but you can usually tell the person who is simply curious from the person who is subtley trying to insult you!

    Lots of post for a relatively new blog! Great work.


  7. Hi DL,

    I agree. Most folks are just curious and are trying to find a way to ask questions without seeming to rude. But sometimes it just comes out wrong. Usually if someone ask me question that comes out wrong - I try to correct it, without pointing it out. Like a lot of times, people will ask me how long does it take me to do my hair like that? As if to imply that I can create my locs in one day. So I try to correct the question by saying "Well it takes me about an hour to wash my hair." Some time that does the trick, sometimes they still look confused.. lol.

    But it's ok. I have gotten use to the looks for the most part. Just not feeling the folks that are just rude about it.

    And thank you for the positive words. It has been fun creating this blog. I hope to be able to keep it up for a long time.


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