Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Sanctuary

I would love to have all of my home decorated with beautiful art work, plants and sculptures. But unfortunately, money is tight and I have two lovely - but wild kids! So having fancy things, at this time, has not worked out. But I do have one little space in my house that I can use to show my personality, culture and what makes me feel centered. My dresser!

I found these two beautiful African sculptures last year. I also added a few weaved baskets, some plants and a beautiful painting that was given to me by a dear friend.

Also, I like to display some of my large earrings. I usually only wear small earrings, but want to change that. And if I don't see what I have available - I won't wear it. So this way, I can look every day to see what I have, and I can mix it up a little. This is the little space that I have in my home that really represents me. At some point, I hope to have all of my home reflect this kind of energy.

If you all have something in your home that really represents you, your culture or something that just makes you happy - send me a picture and I will post it with your message.



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