Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What is good Hair? ...Part 3

I have two other post on the whole "Good Hair" topic (blog part one and two) because it is such a big issue. I really should have addressed it way before I saw the Tyra Bank's show yesterday. I guess I just hoped, blindly, that the issue was not as relevant. One of the guest on the show, was a loc'd sistah. I don't know her name (see her picture on the side --->), but she represented well. She told her fellow guest, that were clueless, and the audience that having natural hair is something to be proud of. That we need to take that part of our beauty and heritage back! It has been taking away from us through shame and hate. And that it is up to us to reclaim it.

Let's make sure that our young woman understand that they are beautiful not matter what! They do not need to alter the texture of their hair to be amazing little queens.

You can see more from Knp512 (as she is known on you tube) here, and she has her own website.


  1. Karen you already know how I feel about being natural and how much I personally dislike having relaxed hair (or having the hair of my young niece permed!) but I just wanted to stress one thing: No, one doesn't have to alter their hair to be beautiful but some people do choose to do so (not necessarily to BE beautiful)and even though we may disagree with it, it's still okay.

    Thank you for this important/relevant topic!

  2. I agree with this Christy. I think my main point with this blog, my website, and when I interact with my own children is to stress education and knowledge. I grew up thinking that I had to have long beautiful hair to be beautiful. That if I left the house with my naps showing that it was a disgrace.

    I have no problems with people who decide to perm there hair or wear weaves. But I do have an issue with so many women who hate themselves and their hair because they don't look like mainstream beauty. That is my purpose for this blog. To continue to share my feelings of peace with being nappy and natural. To let others know that they can wear their hair in its natural state and be accepted and loved.


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