Thursday, June 4, 2009

Adding a twist to your loc's

Here is another great photo by Keston Duke (see previous post here). This style is very interesting to me. I like it because it's different. It's kinda cool. So the question is -
  • Do you like this style because it gives you options? Or because it's cute?
  • Or does it bother you that as far as we have come with accepting our natural hair, that there are still folks out there that think we need to add extensions to our natural hair to make it hot?
These are questions that came to mind when I first saw this photo. I like that someone thought outside of the box and created something new. But!! the whole point of going natural is to be free of weaves, chemicals and to be happy with who you are. Tell me your opinion....


  1. hmm...i personaly dont think there is anything wrong with a nappy weave. now, when u have a STRAIGHT weave THAT in my opinion changes things. because to ME, natural is about loving your nappy, curly, bushy, ect (whatever you want to call it) TEXTURED hair. its not about the love of LENGTH to me. because i can love my hair rather its short or long, but its the texture that people fight to accept and i think thats what matters. when you dont mess with the texture of your hair. so i will sew a afro textured long weave in my head (ie: erykah badu's afro weave ) in a HOT second, especially for protective styles. this was a good question. i love your blog.

  2. Wonderful response MyloveMylife. Those are some good points. And thank you for the kind words! I look forward to reading your future post replies... ;-).

  3. In my opinion weave is weave.

    I LOVE natural hair and I think its beautiful in all its kinky, nappy, curly glory. However, sometimes I may want to try something different. If a weave accomplishes that, so be it.

    To me, weave is just another accessory. Wearing a ton of bracelets does not make me less proud of my sexy wrists :P nor does dying my hair make me less proud of the natural color God gave me.

    Sometimes we may want a certain look and if our hair cant achieve than we must weave it. I'm not saying it should be a regular thing, but to me it is nothing wrong with it, and it doesnt make me less proud of who I am if I do. Just like anything else, hair is self expression and I should be able to express myself however I please, and with tools I please.


  4. I think it's cute and makes a fashion statement. I personally wouldn't wear it because my nugget is a bit big, but it is cute on her head. We can do so many things with our hair so why not try something that will work for you? Nice post!

  5. I think going natural is something more than just how you wear your hair. Being natural is accepting yourself without the artificial stuff. You are ready to wear your natural hair or even your natural face without make-up and like it. But I don't think if you go natural it means you will never use chemicals, or weaves or even wigs. We only need a change once in a while. Don't we?
    I would definitely rock that hair do if I got someone to do it for me

  6. Tupieta, Serving Christ and Cee! Thank you for the response. Very good points. I think you all agree that it's like an accessorie. That is a great way to think of it. Thank you Serving Christ for the compliment! I hope to keep them coming.

  7. I think the style is rather cute, but I personally wouldn't add a weave to my locks. I prefer seeking new styles to do with my locks on their own. I love experimenting with my bobby pins and accidentally coming up with a fabulous style, sans the weave. I get that weave is an accessory, but I think by adding a weave, it will aid in the arguments of those who feels like there are so many limits and restrictions to wearing locks and natural hair, which is a myth I love debunking on a regular basis. I said all of that to say, I don't necessarily think there is anything wrong with accessorizing natural hair and locks with a weave, but not for me. :-)

    P.S. I have been kind of lurking on this blog for a month or two, so it is my first time commenting, but you must know that I love this blog!!

  8. Quelle, I agree with you response. I think its cute. But I would never try it... lol. I have just learned to embrace what I have. Adding a big weave to my loc's would seem kind of foreign to me. But look out for a post that I am going to put together on repairing loc's. I am going to touch on this subject a little bit. Thank you for commenting Quelle! Keep them coming...

  9. I think its cute...regardless whether is a weave or not. Sometimes I think ppl look into things way too much. She is using the extra hair as an accessory to her already nice who cares.
    As grandma would say "To each his own, mind your business" lol

  10. I'm late but, it's a real cute style. I'd try it myself if I knew how even though I'm not given to styling my locs much. It's a nice addition for a change. I dislike straight weaves, but quite like nappy weaves on people. If you must add hair, why not choose something close to your own texture?

  11. Just ran into this... Thanks for properly crediting the images... Keep up the good work!

    Keston Duke


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