Monday, June 15, 2009

Interveiw with Angela + Cute video!

I saw this really great video of Angela (below), doing a creative and cute hair tutorial video - and it came out great. Love the music, personality and the way she put it together. I contacted Angela, and she agreed to do an interview for NBH Blog.
  1. What is creativity? Feeling free enough and comfortable enough to go outside of the box. Being innovative and not being unafraid to do something different to make a statement.
  2. How do you express yourself through art? I express myself through crocheting mostly. I paint and draw occasionally too.
  3. How long have you been Natural? I have been proudly sporting locs for two years as of June 8th 2009!
  4. What's been the low and highs of your natural journey with loc'd hair? The abs worst thing about having dreads was the 1st 7 or 8 months when they were new. Maintaining them and babying them for that long was a pain, but it was well worth it after! The best part about them are they are beautiful, and fun. AND they're the easiest hair i've ever had! (minus the 1st several months). - :D♥OH

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