Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Lint Fix - for Loc's!

Good morning! I am barely awake. But I wanted to put together this quick post before starting my day. One of the only unfortunate parts of having loc's/dreads, is that once in a while, we get lint stuck in our hair. This happens because we don't brush our hair daily (as far as I know this is the main reason. Feel free to let me know if there are any other reasons why this happens). Having lint in my loc's is very embarrassing. It has nothing to do with how clean your hair is. You can wash it every day, but the lint will find its way in there some how, from sweaters, towels, blankets... you name it. It's not often, but it happens. For me, its my biggest pet peeve, when it comes to my hair, because I am such a neat freak. I don't ever want to give the impression that I am not a clean person, because I am!

Most of you will already know this quick fix. If you are unable to get the link out, by using your fingers, or tweezers - please do not kill your loc's by breaking them apart, to get the lint out. If you are breaking open your loc's for this, you are weakening the loc and it will eventually fall off. If you are not able to get the lint out, simply use a sharpie marker to mask the color of the lint. All you have to do is quickly dab the small area where the lint is, and the marker ink will cover the color of the lint. And it will no longer be visible. I know leaving the lint in sounds gross, but if you can not get it out - its better to cover it with sharpie, than to kill your locs in the process.

I use the brown marker. It works best for me because I have about three shades in my hair - black, brown and brownish red. So not matter where, the brown will do the trick for me. I don't have to use it often, but I try to carry this with me in case of any emergencies. To cut down on lint, always cover you hair when you sleep at night or when you are cleaning. And also try this brushing technique before washing your hair. It helps to get lint out of your loc's. If any one else knows of any great fix it tips, let us know by replying to this post...
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  1. Interesting tip - I have to share this with my brother :o)

  2. i dont like the idea of using the marker in my hair,i find that once i cover my hair at night and use dark towels for my hair i am fine;i have no lint,but thanks for the tip

  3. True! This is a great tip han... I took amny years to discover what it really was... We all had it but I only really noticed it in me, me and my friends ade a big discussion around it lol

  4. This was the best tip ever! I was on the verge of cuttimg off my six year old locs because the lint was very unsightly to me. i keep my hair clean but in is not easy foe me to sleep in a scarf. It always comes off! But i tried the sharpie on the lint and now its out of sight out of mind! how long does it last?

  5. This is a great tip. I'd been dying my hair every few months to cover the lint. As my locs get longer the constant dying had been becoming a real chore.. This sharpe trick is way easier..

  6. Please, please do not use a marker to cover up LINT in your LOCS. As a Sisterlocks wear, I never want to put something in my natural hair that can damage it. Markers have harmful dyes in them that can do just that.

    Here's a valuable TIP: Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse its safe, its natural, and easy to do. And most importantly it WORKS! This simple recipe will remove lint, dead skin, dandruff and cleanses and closes the hair cuticle. 4 Tblsp of Apple Cider Vinegar, 1 qt of spring water, 6-8 drops of lemon oil, or lemongrass extract or lemon juice. Wash out of your hair complete afterwards. Over time or several rinses the lint resolves and disappears. To much oils in on the hair attracts lint and sleep with a satin pillowcase for added protection.

  7. Hello everyone!

    Something I thought I made a Millions Dollars on. LOL
    Here's my story: One evening I came home while in the bathroom changing my clothes. I noticed there was lint in my locs and thought of this great idea. I remembered buying a lint brush before, stored away in my closet. So, I decided to start rolling the lint brush over my locs removing some of the lint. lol I said to myself, mmmmmm I have a million dollar idea here. lol Of course THANK GOD! I did a search for loc’s lint brush and came across this web site. lol

    I now know the loc lint brush is out all ready and my million dollars will come again in another idea.

    I want to thank you for this web site; but to the person that stated try using vinegar/water to clean you locs. I’ve tried the vinegar/water, yes, it did clean my locs but it also made my locs VERY FRIZZY! I'm not really sure why, perhaps by my hair being very soft using the natural vinegar/water was a bit to strong for me. Not sure, but I do not recommend all should try that natural treatment.

    Thanks for the web site. I found it helpful at the same time laughing at myself.
    Peace and Blessings to ALL!

  8. Apple cider vinegar does not work. I'm cutting off five years of growth and starting over cuz I have so much lent in my locks. A -C-V will not dissolve lent from your locks and YES I have tried A-C-V a few times and was disappointed. So I will just start anew. Its just hair it will grow back. This will be my 4th go around. Cover up your hair when u go to sleep is the best advice to give any one on there journey. Good luck and GOD bless!

  9. ACV rinses DO NOT WORK TO REMOVE/DISSOLVE the lint! The marker idea is more of a fix than the ACV rinse, which is a great deep cleanser and door opener for deep conditioning in my opinion but I've had my locs for 8 years and no matter how many times I've done the ACV rinse, the lint is still there, still deep and still in the same spot! I'm going to agree that there is NO FIX for the lint, there are only COVER UPS or CUTTING to be done in restorative efforts.


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