Friday, June 19, 2009

Love these earrings!

I love these earrings. And great news - your ears don't have to have pierced ears to wear them. The following picture and quote comes from HighSnobette:

"..There is no piercing needed in this lovely piece introducing the jewellery collaboration by Lovemade and Hancholo. A snake shape earpiece, originally crafted to be worn behind the ear. The piece creates a new category of jewelry, an innovative departure from a standard earring. Resting on the fold of the adorner’s ear, the cuff drapes multiple staggered length chains that cascades along the neckline. The chain tips are adorned with an arrangement of heart inspired designs and Lovemade and Han Cholo’s signature charms. I want! This original earpiece will initially be available in a variety of colors including rose gold, gunmetal black and classic gold and silver colors.

Photography: Brooke Nipar ( Hair/Make-up: Kym Nguyen ( Model: Zina Star ( Design by: Linda Lovemade & Han Cholo ( ("


  1. The earrings are wonderful, but I'm in love with that hair! :o)


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