Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Beautiful Internationally

The word BEAUTIFUL in various Languages:
  • Cilubà (language spoken in the heart of Africa ): Citèèlu
  • Spanish: Hermoso
  • Swahili: Hidaya
  • French: Belle or Beau
  • German: Schön
  • Italian: Bello
  • Portuguese (Brasil & Portugal): Bonito
  • Native American (Cheyenne): Emo'onahe
  • Japanese: Utsukushii
Do you know how to say beautiful in another language? Let our readers know what the language is and how it is written.


  1. You're right for the French "beau". However for ladies (or feminine nouns), we "belle". So if I was talking about you, I would say "Karen est belle"! :)

  2. Thank you Ms.Crown of Hair. I will add this to the post!

  3. hey sister
    I am reading thru ur blog, loving it.

    Bonito works for portuguese from Brasil and Portugal ;)


  4. Thank you Natty! I will add this to the post. My husband I have always wanted to learn to speak Portuguese. It is a beautiful language.


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