Monday, July 27, 2009

Interview with Wahidah Fowler

Wahidah Fowler is a Model, TV Personality and a Community Activist. I had the opportunity to interview her (my favorite model) for my natural hair encouragement website Naturally Beautiful Hair. Here are a few quotes from Wahidah's interview:
"My mother taught me the reason why I should be proud of wearing my hair natural. She made me feel like it was such a beautiful and strong statement I was making."
"I give a different perspective of an image that’s not seen that often in the media. So those few jobs I do get, I am noticed. If a certain director does not want to work with me due to my natural hair, I can’t allow that to stop me from progressing in this industry. "
To read Wahidah's interview in full, go to Naturally Beautiful Hair websites Interviews.


  1. wait a minute...r those locs i c n what looks like her kindergarten pic? wow! how wonderful!!!

  2. Yes... it is awesome! It's very impressive to live your whole life with dreadlocks, and to know from a young age that it's wonderful.


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