Monday, July 20, 2009

Nudread Styling Tool

Nudread has a styling tool that will give you twist, coils and or baby loc's in 2 to 20 minutes! I have not tried this myself, but from the look of the video's on Youtube, it looks pretty awesome!!

To learn more about Nudred, please go to their website:   

*Update - I have received a lot of emails about this product. Although I am very excited to see something like Nudred, I am not connected with their company. Please go their website for more information. Thank you  ~ Karen


  1. Hi Karen,

    I've seen it demonstrated live the past two years at the World Natural Hair, Health, and Beauty Show in Alanta, GA.

    It seemed to work really well but I'd be concerned about the small bottle of lotion the sell you initially as I'm not sure how many heads that would cover.

    The did continually spray the tool with water from a spritzer as well.

    I'm sure the folk doing demo's are practiced pros at it so i'd be curious to see how it works for an average person. Guess I'll have to stalk youtube to see. lol

  2. You can buy it online but I actually made my own for 4 dollars all you need is a sponge, there are tutorials on YouTube


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