Friday, August 7, 2009

Reader Question For You!

I received an email question from a Naturally Beautiful Hair blog reader, by the name of Sheena. She would like to ask you all some advice. Here is her email:
"I have been natural now for 4 Years, and about a year ago I decided to lock up my hair. I have been doing research, reading blogs, watching videos, learning, learning and learning, and I am sooooooooo ELATED that I have found your site, glorifying something that means so much to me that a lot of African American women and society turn their noses down to. I love my natural hair and I LOVE your site for giving me a place that gives me soooo much information and connects me with other natural women that may have experienced or are experiencing some of the trials that I have went through and currently going through. I don’t want to make this too lengthy because I know I could gush on and on about how happy I am to have found your site."

Sheena's Questions:

"My reason for reaching out to you, is to see if other natural woman have any tips on taking care of their children’s natural hair. My daughter’s hair coils are not as tight as mine’s, her hair is extremely soft. I find her hair ripping out anytime I take her little ponytails out. Her hair is soft and wavy but it becomes very dry as well and I’m not sure what I can put in it to prevent breakage, and keep it moisturized. I would like to stick to all natural products. I currently re-twist and style my locs w/pure Shea butter and a natural oil, but it is not effective in my daughter’s hair. What else should I try? What other ways should I style her hair to prevent ripping?Attached are a few pics of myself and my daughter!!!Thank you soooo much for your time."

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  1. Hi there Sheena, gorgeous pic of you and your daughter. Have your tried moisturising her hair with aloe vera juice with only a touch of oil(in a homemade spritz) or using pure aloe vera gel with or without oil?(some heads don't like oil and shea butter is a bit heavy). I'd advise you to stick to All natural no-sulphate shampoo(sodium lauryl/laureth sulphate will dry hair out and it's not the best for your scalp). Regards the hair coming out, try detangling with a large toothed comb whilst it's saturated in conditioner. But, steer clear of conditioner containing 'cones' because they can dry out hair further. (You could also try conditioner washing her hair and shampoo wash just 1 or2x a month.It's worked for my friends children with very tight dry coils) Coily hair breaks easily and so requires more careful grooming. Never DRY comb your daughter's hair. Comb or brush only when it's damp otherwise you'll break the delicate strands. Protective styles such as cornrows and twists/box braids may minimize breakage as you won't have to manipulate her hair too much. I hope these suggestions help. It's all about experimenting until you find what works. I'm not an expert, this is shared from my own and others experience and research. I have some more info on my website:!?

  2. Hi Sheena how beautiful the both of you are. That baby is GORGEOUS! Why not visit here...

    Its a site for us caring for our little Princes' and Princesses' hair! Hope they can help you out. I have a lil 2 year old girl and the only thing I do is wash with curly puddin from Miss Jessies, deep condition, detangle with a dentangler while wet. Then I do 2 strand twists...I will continue to do this until she is 3 then I will begin twisting her hair only. I want it to be as healthy as possible. Just try to use a less product as much only natural like olive oil, and lots of leave in conditioner.

    Good Luck!


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