Monday, September 7, 2009

I am speechless...

I just saw this photo on loctician Theirry Baptiste's, facebook page. I think Theirry was just as shock as I was, to see this photo. The site Baby Bangs sells wigs (aka - hair replacement pieces) for baby's with little, to no hair.

It first I thought it was a joke. But no, it's for real. It's kind of sad that it's really starting at such a young age. That folks are willing to buy wigs for their little babies. Absolutely crazy. I have a feeling that this is geared towards pagent Moms. But I think this is going to far. I am in no way judging adults that wear wigs. Every one is beautiful as their are. If that is what you need to feel beautiful (whether it be something you enjoy or because of illness), then wonderful. But a baby has no way of saying no... Come on now!


  1. Wow, no words, it's just disgusting what ppl do for money...
    Anyway keep it up, i enjoy your blog :) ani

  2. Wow. Yeah, this has pageant written all over it!

  3. people are getting crazy......


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