Friday, October 16, 2009

Leonetti's Journey

*(Link problem with original collage picture. The old image  has been replaced with one updated photo of Leonetti. )

Leonetti is a newly added friend on Myspace. I was impressed by her photo album, with showed how she rocked every stage of her hair, as she transitioned from a short and fabulous Afro to beautiful loc's. Here is Leonetti's story:

"I have proudly worn natural hair since June of 2005. Always wanting to rock "curly hair", going natural never crossed my mind to achieve this style. After a few weeks of searching "how to care" for kinky hair, I went to the salon and clipper cut what had seemed like every strand of my hair. Ironically, worrying "what I was going to look like" or " what others would think" never crossed my mind. I have had the joy experimenting so many styling options and color while still preserving the integrity of my tresses.

After 3 years of twist outs, fros,twists, blow-outs, etc, i enthusiastically decided to dive into a new journey; locdom. I must admit, the transition from natural loose hair to locs was somewhat difficult for me. Initially, i absolutely hated my "wormy" baby locs. I felt very unattractive and had gotten used to rocking "big hair". With baby locs being so "thin", they just "hung lifelessly". Regardless, I understood Locs are a process, so I hung in there and loved my "noodles" anyway. Now, 15 months into Locdom, i truly am thankful. I could not fathom my tresses any other way. Each natural path that i endure with my hair has rejuvenated me both emotionally and spiritually. Patience, is the grand lesson my tresses reminds me each moment I capture a glimpse in the mirror."


  1. Wow, she's beautiful and so is her hair! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful!! From the start!

    Great inspirations for styling natural hair

  3. I loVe that collage!

  4. O yea I'm glad she hanged in there even though she felt unattractive. Her baby locs probably didn't look as bad as she thought & felt they did. But I know how it is when I think I look unattractive, no one can tell me otherwise.

  5. Wow! this was three years ago and I am STILL loc'd and LOVING it! The journey continues! the photograph above is not me! However Karen if you want a recent picture, let me know!


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