Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Photo Inspiration - Naana Hayford

Beautiful plus size model, Naana Hayford.
*Please note that the Pangaea's Garden website contains some artistic photographs of woman in slight nudity.


  1. I love it...Beautiful chocolate AND plus size! Great inspiration to remind us beauty really does come in all shape sizes and colors...regardless how the media trys to potray us!

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for the advertising and compliments!.just as a point of correction, the image is a sillouhette. I was fully clothed in leggings and a black t - shirt. The white top is sheer. The reflection of the camera lights just brought out my body shape. There is no nudity in this picture. Thanks.-Naana

  3. Thank you SugarHeart. Sorry for the confusion. I wasn't referring to your photo. I was just letting everyone know that if they visit Pangaea website, that they may see photos of woman with slight nudity.

    I love your photos above! Beautiful...


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