Friday, November 6, 2009

Goapele's Photoshoot - Diablo Magazine

I finally got my copy of October 2009 Diablo Magazine, with Goapele on the cover. Goapele is a bay area singer and one of my biggest inspirations. To learn more about Goapele, check her out on her website; Or you can look below for the links to some of my previous post and the video from her photo shoot.
Goapele Mohlabane
Milk & Honey


  1. OMG I absolutely LOVE Goapele!!! She is such a slept on artist. *sigh*

  2. I am a big fan of goapele! And of course of all natural women... right now i am stgruggling with the transistion from relaxed hair to natural... Just recently i graduated from high school and with the new age comes change and rebellion. Throughout my entire life my hair hasn't exactly been my choice, which i can completely understand growing up with a single mother who would rather not do mt hair on a daily basis. All my life i have extremely admired black women with natural hair. I've always thought they were so bold and beautiful. Now that i can make the decision for myself I know exactly what it is i want. Dreadlocks! Dreads are beautiful and seem so free and right now with my hair i feel far from free, rather i feel conformed. I know that i am not my hair as India Arie. would say, but i also know that your hair is an expression of your inner beauty, so I sure hope i can find someone to do my dreads. Kind of like Goapele's...

  3. Beautifully said Humble! We are very happy for you and your decision to follow your heart.


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