Friday, December 4, 2009

Wooden Bracelet Giveaway!!

It's time for another Naturally Beautiful Hair Giveaway!! Up for grabs are two wood carved bracelets. There will be two winners, just in time to get yourself or someone else a Christmas gift. Look below to see how to win:

Altered Ego photo shoots are really popular now. After The Real Housewives of Atlanta's Nene (and the other cast mates) aired the photos from their altered ego photo shoot, tons of other celebs and everyday people started showing off their own photographs. If you could do an Alter Ego photo shot, what would be your two personalities and why?? Be as dramatic, descriptive or as silly as you wanna be. Look below at these alter ego photos from Ciara and Tisha Campbell, as examples. Please submit your entry in the comment box for this post!!

The two winners will be chosen on December 12th at 9 pm. After two winners are chosen the following Monday, whom ever contacts me first will be able to chose what design they want, first. Good luck with your entries!!! And check back on December 14th to see who won.


  1. Sure! Just have her tell us what her two personalities would be for a alter ego photo shoot. ~ Karen

  2. Email entry from Nivia:

    I must say if I could do an alter ego photo shoot I would be a conservative doctor in a lab coat examining and trying to tie down a fierce extreme Fashionista “Junkie” fighting to break loose.

    Due to my parent’s influence I studied science and even received a degree in Psychology with a Concentration in Biology but that was FAR from who I really was. I lived and breathed Fashion and Entertainment.

    I ultimately left my job at Columbia Presbyterian in the Lung Transplant dept. and now I’m a fashion publicist, but with the turn in the economy my parents are still in my ear about returning to the medical field. It’s a constant struggle and one that could definitely be elaborately portrayed in one of Derek’s photoshoots.

    BTW love the blog!

    Thank you ~ Nivia

  3. Email Entry from Honey:

    1. I love anything ancient Egypt, so I would do an alter ego of queen Nefertiti and her king / the pharaoh Akhenaton sitting on an ancient egyptian throne made of gold watching the sun.

    2. I'm a middle / high school teacher in graduate school and I love teaching so I would do an alter ego of a teacher standing at the chalk board, apple on the desk, wearing glasses, typical school setting, and the other ego of me being a student.

    Thanks for the giveaway!