Monday, January 25, 2010

OMG!!! Eye Candy - Cowin

Here's some eye candy for you. The picture above is model Cowin. He is a featured model on B. Breezy's myspace page.

B. Breezy is also a model, as well as a photographer.


  1. made me smile today :)

  2. :-O USE HIM FATHER!!!! YESSSSS!!! *faints*

  3. Oh my! And AMEN @ LOLA-DIANA! Thank you so much for putting that in my life tonight. It will be my happy thought :)

  4. Hello,Karen!

    This is B. Breezy! I found your blog site while surfing the internet. Thank you so much for linking your blog post back to my myspace page. I really appreciate that. Hehehe...and yes, Cowin IS eyecandy. ;-)

  5. i dont know what I can say...I cant think straight...whew. I need a


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