Thursday, March 11, 2010

Quote - Vasanti Mccray

This thought filled quote comes from Vasanti Mccray.

"A Woman says on my page; If she see's 1 more brother over 30 with his hair braided, she's gonna throw up. I say 2 her; ur unaware of the Beauty of ur Blackness. Women get their hair braided everyday, no problem, but when a man gets his done we're called corny or tacky. People learn ur culture, heritage and history, pay homage 2 ur ancestors. I would like it if she knew something about her own blackness!!!!!!"


  1. While I agree with your comment, I also agree with the woman. But it's usually because they don't keep them looking neat. And I also feel that way about women too if they don't keep them neat.

  2. Well...I have to be honest. I am one of those women that cringe when I see a MAN with cornrows or braids. Personally, the style on a man is not one I am attracted to. The style itself isn't the's just that I associate braids/cornrows on a man with youth and for me I'm thinking "He hasn't grown up yet". But on the flipside Karen...I don't mind a man with locs...

    Makes no sense but it's my truth...

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh I agree - men with braids or cornrows = gross. And those with yicky, unkempt locks...just urgh!

  4. Email comment from KELLY:
    "Women need to stop hating on men with cornrows, we ask men not to judge and hate on us for our hair styles and respect our decision to not perm and have natural hair. Whats the big deal give respect to get respect, if you don't want men looking down on you then don't look down on them."

  5. For me it's a religious thing.Femininity etc are associated with long hair in the New Testament, so for me, a man with long hair, no matter what the age,isn't attractive.But I don't think it's ugly or anything, no matter what the age.Then again,the only long hairstyles mature men have here are locs.


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