Monday, April 12, 2010


onfidence is a funny thing. It often comes and goes like the sun and the rain. It's not seasonal, but it sure feels like a quick change in the weather. The way it comes and goes without notice or reason. Some times there is a burst of it, like the sunshine. Sometimes it just fades away. Often times it takes work, nurturing and care. But all that hard work is o' so worth it in the end. Because what you end up with is an amazing feeling of self pride, love and admiration for who you are inside and out. Love it, hold on to it and embrace it. Confidence.   

~ Author: Karen @ Naturally Beautiful Hair Blog


  1. I *love* this! Thanks, Karen. You look super cute in this pic, BTW!

  2. I love this too! i'm going to copy it out and put it somewhere close so if i need to remind myself i've got it to hand...probably my

  3. Thanks for posting Karen. Sometimes we need that reminder.

  4. This is beautiful! I really needed this today.
    And you look great!


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