Friday, April 23, 2010

Giveaway!!! Gold and Black Cleopatra style earrings!

So the question is (and this has nothing to do with me... lol), what do you think is the difference between being really confident and just plain arrogant? The main point of this site, and a lot of other like minded blog sites is to help boost confidence and pride. But what about those folks that go a little over aboard and think that they are god's gift to this planet. For this contest, please write in and tell us your most remember-able experience with a guy or girl, where they where just so arrogant and obnoxious that it made you want to turn the other way and just laugh. The most interesting, funny and detailed story wins! This contest ends in on April 30th at 10 pm. The prize is a pair of beautiful (brand new and still in package) Gold and black Cleopatra style earrings. Good luck everyone!

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  1. Cute earrings. I'll be back to read the entries.

  2. OK, I have to share this story as it was very memorable for me. About 2 years ago, I ventured out on a trip home from Honolulu, HI back to Cleveland, OH with my then 8 year old daughter, 2 year old son, and about 6 month old son. Anyone who has traveled to Hawaii from the East coast knows that this a very long and exhausting adventure, especially when you add in three kids to the equation. Anyway, we had to change planes 2 times during the trip and I stopped before boarding the 3rd plane in the Chicago airport bathroom to freshen myself and the kids up by brushing our teeth and washing our faces and changing diapers before getting to our final destination and seeing my parents. LOL! I am already laughing thinking of this moment when an arrogant, white woman entered the bathroom, she had on what she felt were classy clothes, much jewelry, false nails, makeup, and hair fresh from the salon bleached blonde, cut and styled.The woman showed disgust with little old me with all these babies, bags, and trying my best to keep everyone under control and get freshened up. Immediately she frowned and turned her nose up at us because we were using the handicapped stall which is larger than other stalls at the same time as using one of the sinks for washing and brushing teeth. (a girl has to do what a girl has to do to get home to visit, LOL!) The lady was clearly aggravated. She pushed her way past us and went into a stall. She stayed in that bathroom stall for ever, with all kinds of noisy coming from the stall. The children were laughing and snickering. When the lady came out of the stall, she again frowned in aggravation with us as she pushed past us rudely without even saying excuse me to head out of the bathroom without even washing her nasty hands. I stopped the lady by saying Ma'am...Ma'am! She looked at me with such disgust. I then said "nevermind" because she clearly wanted nothing to do with me. This aggravated me but being the Christian that I am, I said nothing. My daughter and I laughed and laughed as she walked with what she thought was confidence (but we knew was really arrogance) out of the bathroom back into the busy Chicago airport with....drum roll please.... A LONG STRING OF TOILET TISSUE HANGING FROM HER WASTE BAND DOWN TO THE BACK OF HER KNEES!!! This was the funniest ever! It was like something off of TV, only we saw it in real life. No matter how confident or cute, or rich, or better one might think he or she is, when you have toilet paper hanging from your waist band when leaving the bathroom, you look stupid! LOL!

  3. "You aint better than nobody, but aint nobody better than you."

    I feel that quote itself explains a lot. Being confident is simply being fine with what you have. Knowing that flaws and all, that you're not perfect but you're happy with who you are. Not needing the world's approval to just be yourself, doing/wearing something simply b/c it makes YOU happy.

    Arrogance comes into play when you have a sense of entitlement or feel as if you're above someone. Being unrealistic about yourself.

    *Sorry dont really have a personal story I can think of but thought I'd add my two cents anyway*

  4. so i thought it was really funny and still do this day i laugh at the guy. so i was just getting to know this guy we had been talking and texting for a while but this was my first time being around him since we started talking. well the guy was a kappa which at my college = arrogant. he was really big headed and use to getting all the girls he wanted he was a real ladies man. sometime he even talked in the 3rd person really weird i know lol. but i can just remember for our first kiss he was like come here come here hey you come here and he was like laying there with his eyes clothes so i have a thing against arrogant people and decided to bust he bubble. he was like you have to come to me you kiss *guys name* (yes in the 3rd person lol)i was like okay this will def be our last time hanging out. and to make things even worse he had bad breath lol wow cocky arrogant and bad breath..not a good match

  5. Recently on a miserable dripping rainy day a caucasian women joined me at a bus stop and asked me how my hair stayed so straihgt in the rain? Fair question a lot of white people are not familiar with afro textured hair. I explained to her that yes it is true that some black womens hair does frizz up when it comes in contact with water but I was wearing a weave and this was not going to happen. Ohhh! She exclaimed! How are u able to fit a wig over your afro!? No offence but Im so glad that I dont have the same kind of hair as you. Lol, first of all i thought to myself. How am I not supposed to take offence to a comment like that. I love my hair. Not everyday lol, hence the weave but its versatile and can do just as many things as hers can. Maybe more. This women on a rainy horrible day did succeed in making my mood a little more sour but I found it funny that she was so uneducated. If she loves her hair thats great but taking it one step further to infer that her hair is better than mine! Wow in my opinion thats arrogance personified!

  6. Those are nice earrings,,,,, i have huge collection of earrings but before couple of days when i saw those earrings i felt to purchase them.really those are beautiful......and Fantasia looking pretty

  7. I loved reading all of these stories! Loclov... that lady was crazy! I can not beleive you didnt look at her like she was stank! Ha Ha

    But the winner is Niki! I have had similar experiences where wanna be fancy folks look down at me and my daughters if we are not looking perfect on that day. What a horrible way to treat others.

    Niki, email me at to claim your prize. I will need your ship to address.

    Thank you everyone that participated!!!