Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Colour of Beauty

“I need a Black model, but she has to be like a White girl dipped in chocolate.”
"Black Women are not our demographic."

Check out this short film called The Colour of Beauty. It talks about the blatant racism against Black models and the Fashion Industries favoritism for white models, locally and internationally. 

- picture and video source  ClutchMagazineOnline.


  1. Wow Karen, this really broke my heart...remind me again...we are in the 21st century right??? Couldnt watch it to the end!!

    The fashion industry have such an unrealistic expections of their models.....Who wants to look stick thin....only recently a French black model who does a lot of work with a top clothing store (Marks & Spencer) here in the United Kingdom tried to take her own life. And she is one of the successful ones!!!!

    We see these girls plastered all over the bill boards and mags and think...'she must be really happy, with good looks, money, on top of her game and the list goes on and on.'

    They struggles to get there, struggle to stay peace in sight...(Big sigh)

  2. This is all too true. The Fashion Industry is in a state of stand still. Hopefully we as Strong Black Women will continue to push and a breakthrough will happen! smh.....

  3. Wow...
    So common traits in AAs "don't work."
    She's too hippy? That's crazy...she's stick thin. Glad Ideeli and the jeans company liked her...

  4. ya know i think that this is so sad, there are so many black women and men that model and dont ever get the true recognition for there hard work, but i was glad to see that the jean company like her so much, and another thing u would think that they would pick more black models, because our features are not like anybody else, i still think that this is so sad

  5. that's why, we as blacks should not buy from designers that don't use black models, since we are the ones who buy the most, just like rappers who constantly brag about certain designers who don't even promote diversity.

  6. Glad I'm not the only one to post on the topic. It is indeed rather disheartning to see in this day and age, stuff like this still takes place. Here's my view on the situation:



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