Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Giveaway - "Egyptian Sand" hair scarf!

This giveaway is sponsored by Wasijiru. For this contest, Wasijiru would like for you to leave a comment explaining how you accessorize your Natural Beauty.  The contest will end this Sunday at 10:00 pm (5/16/2010). Wasijiru will choose the winner and send the prize directly to you. The  prize is a "Egyptian Sand" hair scarf that is hand dyed.

To see more, go to  -   ~   Good luck!


  1. Because my hair doesn't style easily I use a lot of scarfs, bands and head pieces everyday. I have been in search for head bands made of silk or satin so that it wont damage my hair.

    For some odd reason my hair does the pineapple and splits down the middle no matter what hair style I try. I love the thickness and height of other naturals but my hair just wont do it, so I use head bands and scarfs to push my hair up and out. Sometimes I will also add a flower or two.

  2. My goodness...I think have more fun with my natural hair then when I relaxed or wear wigs. Sometimes I let the styles speak for themselves. Other times I can't get enough of: *scarves - Worn on the head in many ways: a bow to the side or back, bun, rose knot, crown wrap, half turbans, looped in one of my brown beaded headbands,in a french braid up-do, around a large brim hats etc.
    *Vintage combs in updos/protective styles(I love love LOVE them though I have to modify the teeth to be nice to my hair)
    *Headbands - Love simple elegant ones. I can't stop buying them.
    *Ferronniere/Diadems - have rocked very small modern elegant versions of them on special occasions.
    *Hats: I adore them!! :)

  3. I have a wooly, frizzy texture that loves to be in an afro puff, but hates being detangled thereafter. I'm not a big make up wearer (might make an effort if my husband is taking me out). My go to accessory is a pair of big ol' earrings. My favs are the huge flat shell earrings and the blended color string earrings. A scarf is the perfect pop of color around a natural hair style and with the right pair of earrings, it enhances the natural beauty of my hair.

  4. I love to wear fabric headbands, hair flowers, and scarves. I feel like they add a little extra style to my twistouts and make me feel more confident. I just checked out the Wasijiru Etsy site and see several items that I would love to purchase!

  5. I accessorize my natural beauty with confidence, chapstick and a cute pair of earrings! :0)

  6. Thanks to every one for entering the contest.

    Wasijiru has chosen a winner -

    "I've chosen a winner! All the comments were great which made it a difficult decision. However, one comment caught my attention because of the use of "confidence" as an accessory. "Wasijiru" essentially means "confidence" so naturally I was drawn to that answer. The owner of the short, but sweet response is Christy S.. She can send her mailing address to in order to claim her prize."

    Congrats Christy S!!