Friday, May 21, 2010

Giveaway!! Hand knitted Hats

In celebration of the Naturally Beautiful Hair Blog's official 400 + subscribers, we are having another giveaway. This prize actually comes from the Naturally Beautiful Hair websites sale page. I am giving away two handmade knitted hats to two lucky winners.

Here's the contest! The "Can I touch your hair?" video is really entertaining and full of truth.  So the question is, when you get this question, what do you say to politely decline the request? And what do you really want to say to people when they ask this question?? And how would your respond if someone just started touching your hair out of the blue??  Most interesting/funny response wins! I will pick two winners, two weeks from today (June 4th, 2010) at 10 pm.


  1. This happened to me today actually. I was in the elevator and a young man got on and said right away, "Wow, you hair is beautiful, can I touch it?" I piped up right away and said smiling, "You're not trying to turn me into a Republican are you?" He laughed and I laughed and it was time to exit and he didn't get a chance to touch my hair! But we both walked away smiling at something oddly magical that just happened.

  2. I work with kids and they are intrigued by my hair. They always want to touch it. EVERYDAY they want to touch it. Well...I never let them. Mostly because they have boogers on their hands. One of the kids I work with also has natural hair. She wears it in little puffs. I always tell her how cute and pretty her hair is. And she always says that hers is not as cute as mine. I told her that if she got all A's and B's I would let her touch my hair. When report cards came out she ran into my after school with hers...she ran up and slapped it on my desk and says "Read it and weep!" I bent down and she put all ten of her little third grade fingers in my hair and started playing in it. Then she said..."Hmph it aint nothing feels just like mine." I said..."No you are wrong. It is special."

  3. if someone touches my hair out of the blue...unless its a child they will get checked. Super hard.

  4. Thank you LotusDoll and Miss_E for entering the contest. You have both one one of the knitted hats! Please email me your shipping address and I will mail it out this weekend. My email address is Who ever emails me first will get to choose the color they want.

    Karen :-)