Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Before & After

I really like these before and after photos from loc stylist Thierry Baptist. In the photo above, he styled his clients loc's and added curly extensions.

In the photo above, he gave this client baby loc's.

In this photo, he cut the clients loc's into a cute bob and gave her color. 

Thierry's contact info - 

Facebook Profile:http://www.facebook.com/thierry.baptiste


  1. Yes, Thierry's work is amazing. Love the afters.. the make ups is just as beautiful as well....

  2. Hawtness! I love Thierry Baptiste. The artistry is amazing. I especially love the bob.

  3. I really love the baby locs style. I wish I could find a great natural salon. The only one is know of in the DC area that doesn't primarily focus on locs is located in the hardest place to park in the world and are extremely busy. I had a stylist who was nearby and did an excellent job, but she moved and doesn't have a website. I have no clue where she is now.

  4. You're not wrong Karen, they are great!

    Amazing isnt it how make up changes the way we look....

  5. Simply beautiful. I love Thierry's work and the make-up accentuates the styles perdfectly

  6. I absolutely love her work...I wish there was somewhere here in my home town that could get it in like this!!!


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