Wednesday, July 28, 2010

3 year old's sew-in weave!! :-(

 Absolutely Crazy! Never, can I see, how someone can justify giving a 3 year old child a sew-in weave. It is not that serious!!  The mother in the video is getting her daughter ready for a pagent. She states that they usually use clip in hair pieces but she decide to do a weave on her child's head this time. I am sure the little girl would have been even more beautiful if the mom had taking time time to create a style with her daughters own natural hair and texture. Wow....


  1. Wow! This is unfortunate! :(

    I hope she doesn't damage her baby's hair!

    I don't want to sound hypocritical as I wear weaves (I am natural) but I don't think one should weave their childs' hair.

    I do so NOT out of self hatred but because I just like variety. I didn't get relaxers growing up and am thankful for that! (We did get press/curls).

    My point? It's so damaging to fail to teach young black children to love ALL of them because they grow up believe they HAVE to have weave, long hair or long straight hair to be beautiful.

    1. I'm considering putting a weave in my 3 yr olds hair because she has long natural hair down her back and she loves to brush and comb it (even when its cornrowed with beads) she brushes which causes breakage and damage. At the end of the day her hair will be braided under, natural, no chemicals involved and her hair will be protected. So I guess it depends on the parent, are you teaching your child to protect your beautiful hair or hide it.

  2. I don't think people are taking into account the craziness that ALL mothers do in the pageant world. If she wasn't doing one, I don't really think this video would have existed.

  3. NOOOOOO!!! Stop the madness!What message is this little girl getting???Ooh, I want to scream.

  4. I've seen this video before and seen other people talk about this. The sad thing is, most girls get weaves for these pageants, even the white girls. Child pageantry in general is craziness.

  5. this is sick.
    more so because this HAS to be doing some type of emotional damage to this child's self esteem. the video said it too the mother around 3 hours to braid it, sew the tracks in, and then style it. all the while the little girl was saying "ouch", "mommy that hurts". ??? all this for beauty? if only she spent that much time putting something like knowledge INSIDE this child's heat, and not piling some mess on top of it.

    thinking back to when i was a child, i recall how much positive reinforcement i would get from my family and friends whenever i permed my hair....and how much negative reinforcement i got when i went a few too many weeks without one, or walked around the house with my recently washed or wet hair. this child is being conditioned. conditioned to hate herself, to hate the way she is naturally, and to conform to eurocentrism. and not just her hair, but her overall self. she will grow up to believe that in order to be beautiful, she had to go through hours of labor and torture to her natural self in order to be beautiful.

    and odds are, this mother has not even thought about what type of emotional effect it will have on her child. but, i do not blame the mother. i blame the overall society for reinforcing stereotypes and eurocentric ideals of beauty that this mother has also been conditioned to prefer.
    i might do a blog post about this.

  6. Hey sister!
    Long time I don't come by you, everything good?

    I've seen this show quite a few times and it is crazy what those petit ladies use for pageants... Fake teeth and lashes, they shave eyebrows, get fake tans, it is crazy!

    Go thru my blog, I have new things and I have dresses coming up :)


  7. You have to think about it this way....look at the way media and society define beauty...from skin tone to eye color and length of hair. Whether this child is in pageants or not I'm pretty sure at one point she's asked her mother why her hair wasn't a certain way or why her skin looked different from others or what have you....While it is sad that this child has gotten a weave we must realize that until definitions of beauty are inclusive of all shapes sizes colors hair texture/lengths etc that stuff like this is going to happen

  8. This is a shame:( We should be teaching self love to our youth and not the endless cycle of self hate.

  9. This is disturbing, and sad.

  10. Very disturb even more concerning that the mum said her daughter is a diva in trainning. I don't know what diva means to others but to me it's a negative

  11. Ok first off that is the child's grandmother. WTH? The grandmother can't be more than 35. So this does not surprise me one bit. Add to that the fact that this is for a beauty pageant on a tv show that exploits this type of behavior & there you have it.....ignorance glorified. SMH!!

  12. I am a mother who weaves my seven year old daughter's hair and find nothing wrong with it. I don't understand how it can be agreeable and.curl a child's hair.but weave is unheard of. I weave my daughter's extremely long, semi-straight natural hair to protect it and prevent the pain associated with heat straightening and reduce damage from elements in weather conditions. I am and have been licensed for more than 10 years in natural hair. The problem here is not the weave, its the stereotypes associated.with it.

  13. i do crochet braids on my 4 year old child. I see no problem on it


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