Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Stand up to Ignorance - NO to Six Flags!!!

I posted a story about Six Flags a while back. They have a new policy that they will not hire any one with dreadlocks, because they consider our hair to be "radical" and that it would distract from their image. This is absolutely ridiculous!  I am very sadden by this new policy and upset that I ever spent a dime of my money at Six Flags. Until they change their policy, I will never step foot in their theme parks again. So now it's our turn to make sure that Six Flags knows that this is not OK!

Sign the Petition!!!!! Six flags can not get away with discriminating against individuals with dreadlock's. They can't hire us but they can take our money... not gonna happen. This not only affects the Africam American community, but any beautiful individual that has loc's, dreadlock's or sisterloc's. I have already signed the petition, and this is what I had to say:

"Discrimination comes in all forms. Not hiring someone because they have dreadlock's is hateful and wrong. I have beautiful dreadlocks that are neat and clean. I have worked in a corporate environment where I have supported Directors of major companies. And never once did my hair become a distraction to my ability to a good job. I will not support or go to Six Flags until they have changed their policy."

What can we do to stop this policy?

Just say NO!: Do not support Six Flags by spending your money there.

Sign the petition:  Call to Abolish Six Flags' Discriminatory Grooming Policy
Read and Share:  Six Flags Discriminates and Washington Post Article
Join: Friends For Freedom
Spread the word!: Please share this story with your friends. Post this on twitter. Share it on your blog and or social network. Let's make sure that everyone knows that they are supporting this policy by spending their money at Six Flags!

If we say it is ok to discriminate against people with dreadloc's, what will be next??!?  What if they decide that any hair style that is culturally rich is too radical? Afro's, braids, twist...  What will be next?


  1. Oh, I have not been to 6 flags in years! Don't want to go either! as of this moment, can't afford it anyway! Now I have yet another reason why NOT to go! {click my name 4 my blog}
    take care

  2. Wow, this is extreme. While we don't have six flags in Canada, I hope our themed park here "Wonderland" choose to ignore this foolishness... I do support the petition though.

  3. I've also signed the petition, and posted the interview from the women on my blog.

  4. It's sad that our black celebs are totally ignoring it. Radio celeb Russ Parr is actually sponsoring a Splash Bash at THE Six Flags that was featured in article (Largo, MD location). I told my co-worker about it today and he said that he would be boycotting.

  5. Hi Karen,

    I signed the petition and left this comment:

    "As my hair grows from my scalp the curls lovingly wind around one another in a tight embrace. It's not radical... it's nature.

    Until Six Flags understands this fact and changes this policy, we won't be back."

    I live in the Atlanta area and there is a Six Flags here. My husband and I have a blended total of 6 children and we're definitely going to skip Six Flags until this policy is changed.

    Thanks for posting this!

  6. Thanks for revisiting this subject as it sickens me. I have signed the petition. I recently had to explain to my stepdaughter why she could not have her birthday party at Six Flags. We are going to Great America instead. The summer camp I was going to enroll the kids in was taking a trip to Six Flags so I did not enroll them in the camp and told the Director why. I don't think it did any good because Six Flags is giving them a huge discount. I wish we as a black community can stand together on this one. You are right to ask, what is next. I know if we all showed up to work in an Afro, they would soon add that to the list.


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