Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Readers Question - Natural Hair Inspriration for Young Men

 I received a question from Naturally Beautiful Hair Blog reader - Romy.  I did know the answer to her question or what direction to point her in, so I asked if I could share her question with you all. Maybe someone can offer her some helpful advice. Here is her question:

"I am wondering if there is any website out there for men/boys with natural hair. I am asking because I have a 9 year old son who is rocking his fro and I want to give him male inspiration. Do you or your readers can recommend any website?" Also, "I have started my own blog about natural hair care for black/afro-german hair in German language because there is not much information available in German. You can find it here http://afrodeutschehaare.blogspot.com."   

~ Best wishes, Romy


  1. I found this website and hope it helps :)


  2. Jaden Smith's cornrows are a great look for young boys.


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