Monday, August 9, 2010

Willow Smith

 I love that Willow Smith is able to be expressive with her hair. Jada has a beautiful family in general. 
“Look, it’s 2010. Can’t our little girls move into the future without ruffling feathers? The look is fun, empowering, anti-relaxer and anti-weave. More women need to steer their little girls in this direction. If your child is a forward-thinker, you should guide her instead of smothering her.” - Jada Pinkett Smith
 Read more: Jada Explains Willow’s Hairstyle -  Necole B's Blog


  1. Oh! I love her style; I love this family, and I love that Will and Jada grant their daughter freedom to express herself. If only I had half the style that li'l chica has...

  2. Bravo Jada!!! Glad you chose to highlight little Miss Willow. You can look at her and tell that she is a leader and highly confident!


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