Friday, September 10, 2010

Giveaway!! Natural Hair Styling DVD

Allyson, Co-Creator of Natural Styling Guide, is hosting Naturally Beautiful Hair's next giveaway.  Allyson is giving away a hair styling dvd, that highlights how to create 10 natural styles.

"The Natural Styling Guide DVD was created by a chemist and one of the industry’s top stylist to help women around the world embrace natural hair and feel confident about their hair no matter the texture. The Natural Styling Guide provides a step by step styling demonstration of ten different chemical free styles on DVD for individuals with natural hair or those transitioning from the relaxer and don’t want to do the “big chop”." - Natural Styling Guide

To enter the contest, please to go, and then come back and answer the following two questions: 
1.  What is something interesting you read about on their companies website?
2.   How would this DVD be helpful to you or a friend?

The contest will end on September 25,  2010. The winner will be chosen by Allyson, towards the end of the month and the did will be shipped to who ever wins.  Good luck!


  1. Email entry from Naturally Zee -

    What is something interesting you read about on their companies website? Kenya’s background, she has an amazing background that would make anyone feel comfortable with her doing their hair. Biology and chemistry!! That means she can assess my hair as well as the chemical makeup of products. I wish I could get to her salon, unfortunately I haven’t been able to find anyone here to help with my unruly mane.

    How would this DVD be helpful to you or a friend? This DVD would benefit me, I am in my 4 month of transitioning. I have yet to find a style that works for my hair, it has been hiding underneath wigs. I would love to also show two of my girlfriends who are contemplating relaxing their daughters’ hair (2 yrs and 6 years old!).

    Naturally Zee

  2. I learned that there are ways to strengthen your hair effectively without using harsh chemicals.
    It will help me and other people i know because it will show me effective ways to style my hair and feel professional. Im an engineer and i love my natural hair, but it must also look "nice" according to my company's preference.

  3. Email entry from DeNise:

    1. What is something interesting you read about on their companies website? I find Kenya’s background very interesting. The fact that she researches the ingredients and stays up to date with her craft is wonderful. I would completely trust her with my hair. Also, I find interesting that one can actually transition w/out the typical breakage. I wish I would have known that b4 I BC’d two weeks ago, out of frustration with the two textures.

    2. How would this DVD be helpful to you or a friend? This DVD will be very beneficial for me and my 9 yr old daughter, as we will be able to try different styles and even wear a straight look if we want. We love versatility!

  4. Hi Karen,

    I learned that one should never use a hot comb or any type of metal on the hair. Using a ceramic iron is important to maintain the hair. This DVD would be useful to me because I am trying to learn how to do my natural hair myself. It should not cost rent money to get your hair done! My niece is 4 and is starting to hate her hair. I would love to be able to do her hair too.


  5. I learned that the stylist lives in GA and she got her BA in Biology.
    This DVD can help me because I dont really know how to style my hair. I depend on my stylist to make my hair look nice for work. Im a college student and I barely have the money to keep going to her (natural hair salons are too expensive). So I need to become my own independent stylist

  6. Hi karen

    This DVD pack is very good for hair style.Please tell me the cost of this DVD pack.

  7. Hi Kaylee,

    You can buy it at

  8. I learned the benefits of using a steamer. It draws moisture into your hair whereas a hooded dryer draws it out.

    This dvd would be helpful for a friend of mine. She is natural but always weaves it up because she claims she can't do anything with her hair. This dvd would help wean her off the weave!

  9. What is something interesting you read about on their companies website? I enjoyed watching the sample of the step-by-step demonstration of how to do different natural styles. I also learned more about steaming the hair to add moisture. If I were in Atlanta, I would schedule an appointment with Kenya ASAP!

    The DVD would help me and my friend. We both are transitioning from permed to natural and the DVD will give us the confidence we need to try differnt styles and learn about healthy hare care. Plus we'll have the step-by-step visual instruction that we need!

  10. Thank you everyone for entering the contest. I will contact Allyson who you choose a winner! Please keep an eye out for when the winner will be announced.