Monday, October 11, 2010

Sisterlocks 101 - from Guest Writer Salkis

Guest Writer, Salkis, gives us a little education on the how to start Sisterlock's:

Sisterlocks(tm) is a system of locking hair that allows hard to locks hair-(wavy, curly or relaxed hair) to be locked in a uniformed micro-sized pattern. The trademark of this look is the clean part lines and uniform pattern that each loc is formed into.

Its a three step process:

• 1st Consultation. This is were you will get to find out more about the system, cost, time it will take to complete your whole head and “tester” locks will be done to get the correct size for your hair type.

• 2nd Installation. You are on your way to an entire head of lush beautiful Sisterlocks(tm), bring some snacks, your mp3 player and maybe a good book and a fluffy pillow. You will be sitting for a while and you don't want your stomach howling while your technician is working on your head.

• 3rd Follow Up. This is when your consultant checks your locs for slippage, she may have to tighten some of them. Its an overall check up to make sure the set up is going smoothly. For some this would be your first re-tightening session

If you are afraid of locing your hair because you think you can't look polished with locs, think again! You can from corporate to a basement party seamlessly! Sisterlocks(tm) usually takes 10-20 hours to complete depending on hair density, length and the size of locs desired. Most people average a weekend to complete a full head of Sisterlocks(tm), but once its complete they are truly happy with the results. Looking for a certified consultant in the Atlanta, GA area? Call Salkis Re @ 478-501-7836 or go to

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  1. I absolutely love my Sisterlocks. I can go to the gym in the morning then go to work without much fuss.


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