Friday, November 12, 2010

Great Qoute - Take it to Heart

In an past episode of the Oprah Show (from Monday, September 27, 2010), Oprah was interviewing Serena Williams. They were talking about Serena's love life, and she was expressing how it has been a difficult road for her to find someone.  Oprah said something so very very true. 

She said "You can't go around dimming your light just to be with someone else." Oprah told Serena that she was a powerful woman, and only the most amazing man will be able to come into her life and not only accept her for being a powerful woman, but embrace it. 

I was soo happy to be reminded of this. Ladies and Gentleman, you should never have to bring yourself down, to make someone in your life feel better.  This is a very powerful and important message that we all need to take to heart.


  1. So very true indeed a very wise young lady she is :) Thanks a bunch for sharing this. Take care.


  2. I love this image and I love this post. It's lovely!

  3. I feel like I should put that quote on a button and send it to many of my friends (male and female).
    Love the image! beautiful

  4. I love this picture and the message beneath it makes it that much more beautiful. Do you know where I can purchase a copy.

  5. Love the quote--- its SO true.

    And the image is amazing! Who is the photographer of this one?


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