Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Younikness - Jewelery & Accessories

Fabiola Bernard , owner and designer of Younikness,  founded the one of a kind, handcrafted accessory line in January 2010.

"What really motivated me to start making accessories was me going natural and seeing other natural ladies with their naked hair. Natural hair is beautiful on its own but adding that flower or that bow to your hair will definitely accentuate your hair and complete your look."

To see more great jewelry and accessories, go to


  1. Yes , I heard about their fabulous jewerly for the very first time from another site, and went on over to take a look. Can, you say FAB-U-LOUS! (lol) I am now a huge fan, and have since added their site to my site for other naturals to view as well. Thanks for sharing this with us, take care.


  2. Wow!

    these are flyy!

    I heard about her and her accessories by a fellow youtuber.

    Will definitely check her out!

  3. wow!!! lol I love her work will definitely check her site out and make a purchase, I am in love !!


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