Monday, January 17, 2011

Ima's Curls!

I have total loc envy when it comes to Ima's loc's. I first saw Ima online and then in person, and she is just as beautiful in person as she is in her photos (also see her previous post). Ima recently tried the styling technique of using pipe cleaners, to create big beautiful curls, with her loc's. And it came out gorgeous!

"After shampooing my loc's I put the pipe cleaners in them while still damp & kept them in until they where completely dry, before I pulled them out. I use very little oil on my scalp & hair.  I had so much fun styling my hair, it was easy to put them in." ~ Ima

I am inspired!  I will be trying this style soon. Thanks Ima...


  1. <3 Oh' Me Oh' My No beauty like Natural beauty...Absolutely Love it <3

  2. Oh my...she is beautiful!

    I never had much luck with pipe cleaners. Maybe because I freeform. It was hard to remove them; they got all tangled in my roots and to my frizz.

  3. Do you have a tutorial on how to do the dreads like that? I want to do my friends hair like this.


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