Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wedding Styles by Twist & Curves

 Twist and Curves Natural Hair's Photos
- Bridal Expo and Photo shoot
Styles by Maria Thompson


  1. love love love it! the dresses look like a dream and the hair looks fantastic!

  2. I am so feeling the shortest dress. It reminds me of Mel's dress on "The Game."

    I wonder how the long dread got her curls so uniform...

  3. Lovely-just like all the styles you show us!

  4. Heeeyyy' Yall betta get Sistahs...I see yall working dem Crowns and getting your shine on...Representing..Give Thanks ♥

  5. Thanks for the love.

    @ Nappy Headed, I used pipe cleaners (from the craft store) to create the curls. For the best curls keep in for a day or two and then take pipe cleaners out. More of my work can be viewed on FB and at

    The dressed are designed by Danielle Martin

  6. gorgeous styles! those pipe cleaner curls are to die for!


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