Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Earrings from PURPOSE

Loving my new earrings from the PURPOSE jewelry line!  All of the jewelry from the PURPOSE jewelry line is handmade. They take ordinary objects and transforms them into unique pieces that are one of a kind. To see the earrings, check out the Raft Earrings and the Splint Earrings.  Stay tuned for an interview coming up next week from one of the designers from the jewelry line.


  1. These earrings are simply gorgeous!

  2. Hi, I gave you the Stylish blogger Award.

  3. Thank you Anthia-ofo!!!

    I agree Precious... :-)

  4. Nice! After you first posted the contest for the PURPOSE ring last month, I went to explore her site and ended up purchasing the exact same two pairs of earrings. (And now I have the ring that I was blessed enough to win here, to match my Splint earrings!) How funny. I just love them, don't you?

  5. Both sets of earrings are unique. On the whole, so is the PURPOSE line of jewelry.

    I like!

  6. OMG I LOVE those earrings, and I LOVE your hair!!! I wish I could get locs ( like sisterlocs), but I have to settle for braids/twists because I'm in the Air Force... : /

    Either way, I LOVE this post!!!


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