Monday, May 2, 2011

Natural Hair Salon in Manhattan or Brooklyn???

Hello everyone,

I have a readers question. Kimberly is searching for a natural hair salon in Manhattan or Brooklyn. If you know of any salons or stylist, please respond to this post with the information. Thanks!

"I would love some help finding a good salon to get my hair done and keep it natural. I'm being "pressured" by my family to get it relaxed and cut short. I live in the Bronx so if you know of anyplace in Manhattan or Brooklyn, please let me know - Thanks,  Kimberly"


  1. Khamit Kinks
    327 Gold Street
    Brooklyn, NY 11201
    (718) 422-2600

    They also have a YouTube page, a Facebook page and blog as well!

  2. hunny..............i live in the bronx and i'm looking one too

  3. Time Salon in Fort Greene!

  4. Delux Gallery
    704 Fulton Street
    Brooklyn, NY 11217-1646
    (718) 522-3324
    ASK FOR GLEN!!!!!!

  5. I've been to Khamit Kinks before and all I have to say is STAY AWAY!!! Their styles are corny and outdated and they have no originality. I don't know if they still do this, but the last time i went, i had to pay for services before I even got my hair done. If you want someone original, funky and down to earth, go to:

    O So Sexy Hair
    527 Saint Marks' Ave
    Brooklyn, NY 11238

    Ask for Janice "Tarbaby" Brown. She's AMAZING and you can also check out some of her work on Facebook. She also did the first ever natural hair show in new york last year and it was fantastic! Check her out, give a call and good luck!!!

  6. I also recommend Delux Gallery on Fulton street in Brooklyn. I am too from the Bronx (just moved to the Bay area) and I have had natural styles done there and started locs. Ajani is awesome with natural styles and everyone is great with twisting locs--I started mine with Carell, Glen is good too, Mike..... You wont be disappointed!


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