Thursday, May 26, 2011

Stylish Option's For Your Loc Hawk!


Loctician Thierry Baptiste is a talented hair stylist that can do amazing things with loc's, natural hair and other hair textures. In the photos above, Thierry shows how you can rock a loc Mohawk, without getting stuck with one look. To see more stories about Thierry and his work, check him out on Facebook  &  Twitter.

"Another wonderful day in ThierryVille" - Thierry
Hair/Photography/Styling: Thierry Baptiste
Assistant Syylist: Jenni Love
MUA: Lequetta Fletcher
Barber Grooming: Parris Wagner
Crochet Earrings courtesy of Deana's Jewelry & Things
Feather Earrings courtesy of Luxor Couture 


  1. Beautiful! Especially love the shaved design in the fourth one!

  2. love it! I have a loc hawk and was actually looking online for some style and could only find ones for loc faux-hawks.

  3. looks like art!

  4. Thank you so much for the love my people. It is greatly appreciated.

    Thierry Baptiste

  5. Every time I visit this site I find the most beautiful styles OMG! I thought I was creative but this hott!
    Peace&Much Luv


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