Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Photographer Leon Dale - Images You'll Love

For any one that looks for images online, depending on the site you to go - finding beautiful images for women with big natural hair is not easy. But thanks to Photographer Leon Dale, we will have another great option for finding beautiful images of women with natural hair.  Leon is currently working on a project called The Big Natural Hair Project.

"The Big Natural Hair project is a celebration of Black women with natural hair. The explosive crown of natural hair was once frowned upon, considered unkempt or too ethic for the work place.  It is now so much more appreciated and respected.  It has been covered by mainstream magazines, featured in fashion spreads and on characters in prime time T.V. It has a thriving online community both for those who wear the style and those who are enamoured by it.

The big natural hair project is my homage to natural hair during this period of renewed interest.  The women who decide to wear their hair natural do so for numerous reasons and come from diverse backgrounds. Not all of them are neo-soul, not all of them are afro-centric and the style can be rocked in many different ways, from out right afro to frohawks and twists. It can shine, it can kink, it can curl, natural hair can blow in the wind or stand in defiant coils.

The women in this collection are particularly proud of their hair and it shows. Their hair no longer simply a shield from the sun, but an expression of a life style, a unique and personal accessory.  Put in its simplest terms, the plumage that is natural hair is hot.  I believe its beautiful and there's a large and growing fan base that's right along side me."  - Leon Dale

Leon Dale Photography
Leon Dale's Big Natural Hair Photo Collection


  1. These are beautiful! Such an inspiration :)


  2. maybe in a few months when mine gets 7'' inches on top, i can be the one of the men in this collection. im growing mine now! SO EXCITED!


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