Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dreadlocks Barbie Dolls

If you have not already visited my online store for customized ethnic natural hair dolls, please go to Natural Girls United!.  As of today, for the Dreadlocks barbies, I have two for sale. Both dolls originally had straight hair, and I gave them gorgeous Dreadlocks!   Each doll has a different hair blend, so the texture and outcome is different. To see pricing, go to the details page for these dolls. They are not currently listed for sale, but will be posted tomorrow afternoon. If you are interested in these dolls, or some of the other dolls from the website, please email me at

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  1. I've been obsessed with wanting to look like Diahann Carrol's "Julia" since the 70s, then it was Bonet in the 80's and Hallie in the 90s and now, even more than ever at 49 wished I had darker skin. I feel these woman are more beautiful. If you are ever in the market to hire someone remotely to work with, I would love this. Your dolls are amazing and I would love to help you sell them. When I was a child, an Italian girl with dark hair, I was forced to play with Blonde Sun Tan barbies, that I didn't even like. Why wouldn't a white little girl want to play with a new friend. This is what the world needs now.


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