Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Designer Ashley Alexis McFarlane

First of all - this picture has a group of woman that are so beautiful with their natural hair. 
The clothing that they are wearing was designed by Ashley Alexis McFarlane. To read more about her, check out her blog Atramental.



  1. This is very lovely indeed! I 'borrowed' the pic and plugged on my blog for motivation :)

  2. Lovin' the hair!So many ways to do your hair.

  3. This is an image from our show Afrochic. It's a Toronto based event for women of the African Diaspora with natural hair, considering going natural or transitioning. "Reinventing, Reinforcing Revitalizing our Roots" We were blessed to have the lovely Ashley as one of our designers. :) for more info.


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