Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Online game for your daughter... :-)

Facebook has a new game where you can create cute characters, create your own store and do a little bit of shopping. This a cute game for your daughter(s). Or if you want to create your own avatar, this is one tool you can use. Check out Mall World on Facebook. And look at the Halle Berry wanna be character on the end... lol.

**For those of you that are like me, and are not ready for your little one to have an account on Facebook, you can always let the play them game under your Facebook account with parental supervision.


  1. These characters are just too fierce! Online games usually slack when it comes to the african american look. lol.

  2. ooo i love this!! i wanna play!! love the cute brown characters! good to see thanks :)



  3. Okay, I went to FB, and I did not see any options for the beautiful ethnic looks like I see in this post.... Where should I go for them?

  4. When you play the game, on the bottom left hand corner of the game, there is a golden brown door that you click on. That will let you change your characters skin, hair and features. This is also the place where you change the clothing the character is wearing.


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