Monday, March 19, 2012

Shampoo Bars from Belle Vie

I recently tried some great shampoo bars from Belle Vie Soap. The shampoo bars are handmade by Khadijah - "I love nature! There are an abundance of materials given to us by mother earth. It is my job to share the beauty of nature with others."

Belle Vie Soaps offer products for both the hair and body. I have tried the Double Shea & Hemp and the Argan & Warm Honey shampoo bars. They both smell yummy, are easy to use, and leave my scalp feeling clean and refreshed.  The shampoo bars are made with natural oils, seeds, herbs and butters. No Sulfate and no Preservatives. With prices ranging from $5.25 to $23.00, the prices are very affordable. To learn more, go to Belle Vie Soaps.


  1. I agree with you Karen...I have dry skin in the winter time...and this soap vitalized my skin and fed it with natural ingredients...Khadijah is an artist...and I hope her products blossom in the market of health conscious consumers... smile

  2. Thanks for posting this. I've had great success with shampoo bars in the past and think I may revisit them soon.

  3. My concern with the shampoo bars is that they may leave buildup on the scalp. Have you experienced this?

    1. As long as you thoroughly rinse your hair with warm water you will be fine. Also making sure your hair is soaking wet is important while rubbing the bar on your hair.


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