Saturday, April 7, 2012

Art by Courageous

I would like to introduce you to an amazing Bay Area artist, by the name of Courageous.  He paints, carves wood art, sculpts and more!  I had to chance to meet with Courageous, so that I could interview him for the Naturally Beautiful Hair Blog. 

Q:   How long have you been creating art?
A:   I’ve been creating art since I had motor skills. I’ve been doing art professionally for 17 years. 

Q:   Where do you get your inspiration?
A:   I get my inspiration from many of life’s beautiful experiences such as acts of kindness from everyday folks, spectacular scenery and tranquil places and moments. I would say Gods many flowers, plants, trees, and beautiful ladies inspire me most.

Q:   What are all the types of art you create? 
A:   I have created many of types of art over the course of many years. I enjoy creating figurative oil paintings. Graphite, charcoal and pastel renderings, wood sculptures, and conceptual furniture.

Q:  What is the overall message that you try to convey in your art work?
A:   My art conveys to the viewer that there is always an inner child in each and every one of us that has the ability to dream. My art suggest a Tranquil, Loving and Seductive world that exist beyond this world that we know as reality. I hope to inspire every viewer to have the courage to create her or his own beautiful worlds. Even if these worlds exist only in our minds.

Q:  Did you study at an art school or are you self taught?
A:  No, I haven’t formally studied at any universities or continuing colleges. I was personally taught by God.

Q:  Who has been your biggest supporter in you journey to get to where you are today as an Artist?
A:  I must say God and my parents. Otherwise, I’ve had so many wonderful Angels enter my life for short and long seasons of time. They have all supported me in various ways.

Q:  What is your advice to other creative people who want to follow their dreams of being an Artist for a profession?
A:  Money is defiantly a good reason to pursue a career in art. Though there is a great potential to make a fabulous living doing art. Doing art for a living should provide peace of mind and happiness to the artist first. If your art is the peaceful place that you can retreat to then you should be able to weather the many challenges that artist often face. When the challenges come you must always remember why you first desired to be an artist to begin with, and that should be because you love making art.

Q:  How can people find you?
A:, or by phone at 510 367-6824. 

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